My style is very personal.

It is very good when you create a niche in anything you do and love. Working towards being a veteran  and an icon in your works is very critical. Be it arts, photography, fashion & style, music or anything else. Discover what your magic is. Be known for that particular thing you do. In other […] read more →

The classic man wave.

Selena: I really love you and wish we could get involved in a romantic relationship.  Tony: Really, but you have a boyfriend,whereas He’s a good friend. I would not want to do this to Elvis Selena: I know, but…  Tony: But what? I mean.. what else do you want from a guy. He is outspoken, […] read more →

Nature is the new fashion

Its been a while guys. How did your weekend go. Well mine was sleepless­čśą. Was working on my new editorials. And then I had to read all those anatomy ish­čĺü. Medical school is just too­čśľ­čśľ. Well this week I am talking about Nature and fashion From the good sight of nature to the bold prints […] read more →

Going beyond the beauty of african prints

Hello everyone. I don’t know if you know this but African prints are actually not African prints. They are European made textiles that Africans have adopted as their property­čśü. Ridiculous right?. African prints are so appreciated in Nigeria and beyond. It is said all over the world that “African fabrics” are a specie of the […] read more →