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What does “BOLD” mean to you?

“What is this guy wearing?” “Is this boy not ashamed of himself?” “He’s just a clown.” “But chill! Is this guy gay?” Those were some words of people that saw me dress some two years back.

“This guy is just too creative mehn”, “I think I can wear this, Dara has worn it before” “Guy you too dey burst brains”, “I have to buy one of those items, it looked good on Dara when he wore it” These are the words of these same people now. Surprised?. It took a lot of consistency, hard work, creativity and above all boldness to have turned the tables around in a space of just two years.

What does it actually mean to be bold? Boldness is relative as what you call bold could be called “normal” by me.

Let me quickly share some very useful tips on how you can dress very boldly and make a statement in whatever you wear.

  1. Learn to manage attention. I don’t know how easy that would be but you just have to learn it as you’d get a lot of people starring when you start your boldness journey.
  2. Boost your confidence. It takes time, don’t rush, build it gradually to a point where you’re okay with people asking unnecessary questions 😊.
  3. Find a style and create a niche around it. For a start, there’s no need to be all over every fashion genre. Stick to one for now and be playful around it.
  4. Take an extra step to pair colours. Learn it. Don’t be a lazy dresser that only centers around shades of only one colour. Be daring my dear.
  5. Lastly on this article, debunk the popular saying “you don’t wear patterns on patterns”. That was never a fashion rule and would never be a fashion rule. That saying was probably introduced by one of those lazy, shy and boring dressers we have out there. Take patterns and prints into consideration, pair them well and trust me, you’d stand out.

Outfit by @darafashionthreads

Photography by @oduologywork

Tureltleneck and it’s adaptability

I find it so weird writing about fashion again because for the past two months, I’ve been writing science related essays😣. Well, I had a major exam. My exam experience?….🤔 Exam periods are the most challenging in my life. That’s a story for another day anyways. I use this medium to appreciate every individual that showed love. God’s gonna shower his blessings on you. Now! Back to business.

This article is gonna open your eyes to the latest and trendiest ways of rocking a turtleneck even if I am focusing on two major looks.

It’s no news that retrospective fashion has been resurfacing nowadays and the vibes have really been going smoothly if I may say. The reintroduction of the turtleneck and kangol caps are examples.

Although every fashion enthusiast has at least a turtleneck piece in his wardrobe and may know how to style it, the very versatile item has undergone a major style update and is now (against fashion rules) used as a perfect replacement for shirts. The turtleneck as against popularly worn in a casual look can now be used in a semi formal outfit or a business meeting kinda outfit. This look below explains this paragraph well and also fits for a first dinner date outfit.

The match between the turtleneck and the trouser pair had to be distorted a little by the black vest. (Vest is another name for Waistcoat). This look couldn’t have been complete without the Kangol cap. I’m not wearing a socks pair because this look is far from “official”.

Y’all can only wear this to your offices if your company doesn’t have strict rules on dressing. After all it’s good to take a break from an “everyday shirt” ritual. Introduce a little flexibility and you’d pass.

The second outfit is a fuse of winter and pizzazz. I had to be a little extra with this look to emphasize the role of the turtleneck in modishness and chic in today’s style.

Unlike those days when it was only perfect for winter, it is also very instrumental in gracefulness and elegance in today’s fashion and style.

For this look, I opted for a Tartan printed kangol cap to fit into a total feel of brown. The suit was a little oversized, so I improvised. Thanks to my 300naira tawny brown rubber belt that not only came to my rescue, but added some spice.

Wearing the turtleneck with a double breasted suit is really classy and trendy too. Some other ways to steal a show with this groovy item includes wearing them with a jeans pair and a leather jacket. (But heat go catch you die for Nigeria). Wearing a turtleneck with a three piece suit is a very suitable replacement for a boring shirt as it will also save you the stress on knotting a tie especially when you’re late for an occasion.

Follow these trend rules above and start to rule your world with your turtleneck game👌


Muse: Babalola Jesudara

Photographers: Odu Abiodun, Ayodeji Oke.

POISE – belleza couture x darafashionthreads

Poise is a fashion editorial that describes how elegance and panache look good and “better” with some other non orthodox and carefully selected fabrics and outfit styles.

Asides looking royal and classy in a well tailored 3 piece suit piece or a plain ball gown or basque gown, going more traditional and less western with so much creativity attached can really help achieve that feat.

Recently, I started my tailoring company – (Darafashionthreads) of which outfits have been and would be with inventiveness illustrated, designs would be drawn in very innovative manners and perfectly tailored to your taste.

Darafashionthreads made this voluminous attire used in this editorial by the birth of many ideas because of a consciousness to deliver a very elegant piece. We finally came up with an embroidery design that has a pattern of four rose flowers arranged vertically with the presence of beautiful stones lined on the lateral sides. Is that not enough elegance and class in one look?

The lady’s outfit is a merge of sophistication and splendor. It was made from carefully cut textiles.

Thanks to our contemporary female fashion house – Belleza couture. They give you the best and maintains a very high level of exquisiteness when it comes to high fashion for the ladies. What a transcendent fashion line to identify with.


We cannot overemphasize the royalty touch on this whole project.


In the Yoruba land especially, Agbadas were worn by the biggest kings.

Queens also wore clothes that had the best embroidery embedded in them. Royalty is just an important feature of high fashion that shouldn’t be sidelined.

Darafashionthreads and Belleza couture also have mastery in providing very simple designs as simplicity speaks so much and has gotten the hearts of many enthusiasts and creatives.

I cannot forget to appreciate other members of the team that worked on this project. Adejoke Ishola who was the makeup artist also played the role of a creative director. She was perfect in her doings. Odu Abiodun did stupendous photography too. Y’all are the best team🤗💃🙌.

Female outfits by @bellezacouture_

Male outfits by @darafashionthreads

Makeover by @mojoke__

Photography by @oduology

Fitness, Sports and Style.

Tunde:Dara baba🙌
Me:Wassup G
Tunde:Baba mi na you o
Me:(Smiles) Ah tunde boss no dey whine me. I be your boy o
Tunde:I was even gonna ask. I was told that one must be built and must have all those biceps, triceps and abs protuding for one to look perfectly fashionable and attractive in those clothes we wear. How true is that?
(And I’m like 🙆)

Me: Well, I’ll say it’s not exactly true. The most important thing is keeping fit which doesn’t necessarily mean one has all of ones abs protruding. It simply demands that you’re in good health and shape.


FITNESS, SPORTS and STYLE is a fashion editorial that explains the importance of these three terms to each other. It talks about how fitness and sports have generally affected and influenced fashion and style. Being fit cannot be overemphasized as it is very necessary to your style. You may now ask. How do I know I’m fit?

See my abs😂
  • Your body composition can give you an idea. Body composition is the relative amount of fats, bones and muscles.Body composition actually gives a more appropriate clue to fitness than just body weight or the presence of visible abs, biceps and triceps.
  • Muscular endurance, flexibility, strength, cardio respiratory endurance are some other ways to know your fitness level.

Keeping fit is achieved by regular exercises and the right meals.

Playing sports is a major way of exercising your body to keep fit. It’s often said that sports and fitness work hand in hand.

Sportswears that were originally called activewears are clothings including footwears and other sport accessories worn for sports or physical exercise. Each sports or activity has “sport specific” clothing worn for them for practical and comfort reasons. For example a basketball kit is different from a football kit.

Since the early 1930s, Sportswears have been employed into day and evening fashion of innumerable extent of formality and still remaining apt for a wide range of social activities. It therefore now seems inappropriate for a sportswear to be synonymous with an activewear.             Unlike the sportswears nowadays, activewears are designed strictly for for participants in sporting quests.

Sportswears like the gym gear, head bands, shorts, sports time pieces, leggings (for the ladies), polo shirts nowadays are seen worn into social gathering. They’ve been taken a step ahead to be worn in very fashionable manners.

At this point, I don’t know who the influencer actually is. Sports or Fashion. Lol.

For this editorial, I’m wearing an Adidas track suit

with a Balenciaga fashion sneakers pair,

the Balenciaga Triple S which dominated the luxury sneakers category in 2017. It was highest selling and most popular sneakers in 2017 (see what fashion has caused). Balenciaga is a luxury fashion house founded by Cristobal Balenciaga who was once referred to as “the master of us all” by popular Christian Dior. Designers of these outfits have such great skill of easily connecting the sports and fashion world together.

I wore a head warmer of which together with tracksuits were originally used for track events. But nowadays its not a bad idea to wear it as a fashion outfit.

photographed and directed by Odu Abiodun.

project contributor – Fuad Ajayi.


Hi lovely friends! 2017 could never be as amazing as it was without y’all.  I say a big thanks for making it as splendid as you’re. This year’s gonna be bigger and better for us all as many brands would be collaborating with the blog this year. And guess what friends! Darafashion is gonna be a year older this year.

Who’s excited💃😊

In one of my previous editorials, I said and I quote “There was an argument in my hostel about dressing to standards and general acceptability. And I was able to deduce vividly that there’ll never be a time you’ll get a 100% for an outfit or a style you portray. So I came up with something I’ve called DARA’S DIVISIONAL APPROACH TO GENERAL FASHION ” This new fashion law I proposed elucidates the three divisions of general fashion and how they supersede each other.

DARA’S DIVISIONAL APPROACH TO GENERAL FASHION states that General fashion is divided into three which are Fashion rules, Fashion trends and Personal style and each of the latter supersedes the former.

I’ll explain😎😂

First of all, Fashion rules are like theories and laws proposed a long time ago. They were proposed to guide people into the so called “right paths of dressing well”. Fashion rules are really limiting and less flexible as they are now seen as old fashioned.

Fashion trends are styles that are in vogue at a particular point in time. Trends are usually initiated by so many factors an example is weather and season. 

Personal style is as simple as it sounds . I mean it’s your own fashion. It is not influenced by rules and trends. Personal style is independent as it most times disobeys fashion

The “I dont care” look I give after I break fashion rules

Trends sometimes break rules and eventually cause some styles to be generally chosen over fashion rules. 

How I walk confidently when I know what I’m wearing is trendy even if it doesn’t obey fashion rules💁

 For instance, fashion rules command that wearing a Three pieces suit comes complete when one wears a pair of socks with ones shoes as it defines one as a complete classic man, but considering the supremacy factor in the law proposed earlier, It is now really trendy to wear such outfits without a pair of socks especially with loafer shoes.

I wore a pair of socks anyways

The application of personal style into an outfit makes it really comfortable for me to wear a pair of black patent leather shoes and also wear a bag made in normal leather, even if fashion rules have once said that your bag and shoes should match in colour and pattern. Thanks to the supremacy factor.

The bag says it all

Being a lover of rings and other adorable accessories as a part of my personal style also permits me to break a rule that says “Ensure little or no accessories  to avoid clumsiness” and wear them happily together with my outfits.

Accessory game on fleek

Personal style sometimes transform into trends when they’re generally accepted by a number of people. This then makes you a Style influencer.

How you smile when you sight a trend that you started
And then for the first time in your life, you feel like a style influencer😂
Shop our ties from @lasumsa (Instagram) or 08127855728(WhatsApp)

Outfit – Glasses by Rayban x blazzer by Kenneth Cole x waistcoat by Paul Smith x  White shirt by Whitewood England x Ties by Lasumsa x Trousers by Blackmen x Wristwatch by Superior watches x Rings from Jumia Fashion x Loafer shoes by Gucci x Bag from an Okirika outlet in Eko Idumota Market Lagos.

Photography By Odu Abiodun @oduologyworks

Stylist/Creative director – Babalola Jesudara

Models – Akinboboola-Cole Sharon, Babalola Jesudara

Project contributor – Faniyi Oluwatobi.