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SŌ – darafashion x theindigochxld

SŌ is an aristocratic fashion piece that explains heterogeneity, ambidexterity, gumption and audacity so easily in just five pictures.

In the picture above, I see versatility, audacity, rhythm, free will and a bold step. I mean who wears and puts all these together comfortably. Okay that’s really a bold step.

“Be focused in everything you do” they say. This picture above reminds me of how much of a goal getter I am. You want to play this game of fashion, then take distractions off.

I don’t know how photographers do their thing but I see ingenuity in this picture. @theindigochxld made colour compatibility look so easy. I was actually in another realm which I call – The realm of excessively creative fashion.

There’s confidence, strive and self belief in this piece. You have to own those attributes every moment in life.

“No pain no gain” , “No food for a lazy man” I can remember the pains I went through (pretending like I was fine😁) before we could come up with this amazing piece. As a creative, you’d expel so much energy and do a lot of brain works. Life no be beans.

Photography and Creative Directing by @theindigochxld 


Let me tell you a story;

Some years back I pursued a dream of staying relevant in the fashion industry (as y’all know relevance in your field is key). It was rough but overtime I adjusted and I was able to maintain a pace. Three years ago after I already discovered how enthusiastic I was looking good in clothes and a few matching accessories, I stuck to it and immediately developed a style of looking very classic popularly called the classic man style.

Due to the fact that there were so many influence around me basically wearing a shirt, a tie and a well ironed pair of trousers (private school and med school issues). I had no choice than to fall in love with such and other similar outfits. After I started blogging till date most of my blog works if you’ve really being following up have been the classic man kind of editorials. After some time, this style became boring to a lot of people as they were already tired of seeing the same things over again. I had to plan a major breakup at this point. I had to stay away from my beloved style. It wasn’t too easy but I had to learn and with time I discovered some tips that were working for me in my journey into street style. If you’ve been having difficulties blending well into street style, these tips below might be really helpful👇

1.Every piece is important:

For you to create very good street looks, it’s important to know that every of those piece you have can be very useful sooner or later. From this look below, the T shirt I’m wearing was given to me by my mum about 7 years back. I was little those times and couldn’t wear it. I recently joggled through the house, found it and saw it useful for a sport/ baggy look.

2.know your budget: Classic man style is said to be one of the most expensive fashion style which is one of the reasons people say “Fashion is expensive”. Street style is very flexible enough for any fashion enthusiast to cope with. If you cannot afford an expensive sneaker pair, you can buy some other authentic pairs that go for lower prices.


The item that looks like a head gear on my head is a bandana I bought for a hundred and fifty Naira. Jeans and joggers are quite affordable too. They’d make a good piece for your street looks.

3.Adopt the trendy sneakers trick: As a sneaker lover, if you don’t know how to style a sneaker pair you’ve got because there’s nothing to wear it with, you can actually wear them with some other cooperate outfit’s piece you already have. Such combination is actually trendy. (See picture below)

4.Have a black or white outfit piece at your finger tip: Asides being the most natural colours in style today, black or white can add a warm and less controversial feel to your street looks.

You wouldn’t want people to take the first ten minutes they see you to understand your colour match. Lastly,

5.Take a step further: After you’ve learnt the most basic tips and you’re sure they’re working for you, you can therefore take some bolder steps and try out some accessories,

they give your street style look extra spice😉

Fitness, Sports and Style.

Tunde:Dara baba🙌
Me:Wassup G
Tunde:Baba mi na you o
Me:(Smiles) Ah tunde boss no dey whine me. I be your boy o
Tunde:I was even gonna ask. I was told that one must be built and must have all those biceps, triceps and abs protuding for one to look perfectly fashionable and attractive in those clothes we wear. How true is that?
(And I’m like 🙆)

Me: Well, I’ll say it’s not exactly true. The most important thing is keeping fit which doesn’t necessarily mean one has all of ones abs protruding. It simply demands that you’re in good health and shape.


FITNESS, SPORTS and STYLE is a fashion editorial that explains the importance of these three terms to each other. It talks about how fitness and sports have generally affected and influenced fashion and style. Being fit cannot be overemphasized as it is very necessary to your style. You may now ask. How do I know I’m fit?

See my abs😂
  • Your body composition can give you an idea. Body composition is the relative amount of fats, bones and muscles.Body composition actually gives a more appropriate clue to fitness than just body weight or the presence of visible abs, biceps and triceps.
  • Muscular endurance, flexibility, strength, cardio respiratory endurance are some other ways to know your fitness level.

Keeping fit is achieved by regular exercises and the right meals.

Playing sports is a major way of exercising your body to keep fit. It’s often said that sports and fitness work hand in hand.

Sportswears that were originally called activewears are clothings including footwears and other sport accessories worn for sports or physical exercise. Each sports or activity has “sport specific” clothing worn for them for practical and comfort reasons. For example a basketball kit is different from a football kit.

Since the early 1930s, Sportswears have been employed into day and evening fashion of innumerable extent of formality and still remaining apt for a wide range of social activities. It therefore now seems inappropriate for a sportswear to be synonymous with an activewear.             Unlike the sportswears nowadays, activewears are designed strictly for for participants in sporting quests.

Sportswears like the gym gear, head bands, shorts, sports time pieces, leggings (for the ladies), polo shirts nowadays are seen worn into social gathering. They’ve been taken a step ahead to be worn in very fashionable manners.

At this point, I don’t know who the influencer actually is. Sports or Fashion. Lol.

For this editorial, I’m wearing an Adidas track suit

with a Balenciaga fashion sneakers pair,

the Balenciaga Triple S which dominated the luxury sneakers category in 2017. It was highest selling and most popular sneakers in 2017 (see what fashion has caused). Balenciaga is a luxury fashion house founded by Cristobal Balenciaga who was once referred to as “the master of us all” by popular Christian Dior. Designers of these outfits have such great skill of easily connecting the sports and fashion world together.

I wore a head warmer of which together with tracksuits were originally used for track events. But nowadays its not a bad idea to wear it as a fashion outfit.

photographed and directed by Odu Abiodun.

project contributor – Fuad Ajayi.