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BFX ’17 – What I wore.

So a day before the other day, I was searching through my wardrobe and I came across this thing usually called a knit tie. I had not seen it in there in a while. The reason being that I had not worn a tie in weeks so I never bothered checking through my tie section. I took it and said to my self “This is gonna make a good part of my outfit for the exposition tomorrow”. Then I hung it with the other clothes for the next day. The next day came and it was really sunny coincidentally it was a Sunday lol. So I got dressed with my tie on ready to go. I was already chocking and sweating profusely. So I pulled off the tie,

and spontaneously converted it into a waist band

After all I was gonna come across other bold and creative fashion and style enthusiasts at the exposition.

In the game of fashion and style, creativity is key, audacity is imperative and confidence in what you wear is the ultimate.

Many trends in fashion today were all balderdash and absurd at their first introduction but check them now. You’ll be amazed.

Speak your mind through what you wear. Express your mood through it and in no time you’ll be an unintentional trendsetter and influencer.

Business and Fashion expo ’17 was a dope one. It was a successful exposition as I got the chance to interact with great minds doing well in the business of fashion. In no time, Fashion will be a new Planet of the Earth.

A preview of BFX 17 was done and y’all can check it up on my most previous editorial. The editorial contains a lot of mind blowing pictures from the event. Thanks to Replicas Concept.

Last word for y’all is “Create your own style and it will be reckoned with for sure”

Other pictures of what I wore to the exposition are right down. Bye and don’t forget to drop your comments. Peace🤗

Outfit – Blazer by Kenneth Cole x Shirt by Levi Gardin x Pants by Diamond wears x Shoes by Fabi x knit tie by Hortex x Signature glasses by Thom Browne x Brooch by Farfetch

Directed and Photography by Replicas Concept.

Styled by Babalola Jesudara.

My style is very personal.

It is very good when you create a niche in anything you do and love. Working towards being a veteran  and an icon in your works is very critical. Be it arts, photography, fashion & style, music or anything else. Discover what your magic is. Be known for that particular thing you do. In other words, stand out in your field. After finding your magic, let your personal style be perceptibly seen. Make it distinct and trust me you don’t have to accentuate so much for it to be noticed.

In fashion, you may not necessarily have to be trendy to look modish. You can develop a peculiar style and might eventually be a trend setter. You’ll probably be surprised about how much your style is embraced anytime you portray it.

When it comes to personal style, we actually go very personal like…personal. Your personal style is usually defined and influenced by individual interests. For example, you could be a traveller

and in due course, fall in love with thick textiles like the winter coats, sweaters, cardigans and even fur jackets. You might want to adopt such style where out of three different outfits, a thick textile must be included in at least one of the three.

If you are a lover of fitness and gym,

You would apparently want to always wear body hug tops and some other clothes that would flaunt your biceps, triceps and pectorialis major.

You could also be a lover of the 90s fashion that has elements like the Kangol flat hats, suspenders and the brogues.

Kangol flat hats that were first produced in 1920 by World War 1 veteran Jacques Spreiregen for Soldiers, workers and golfers at that time can be styled in different ways. One of which is wearing it with a baggy shirt like this

Like I usually say, take some break from too conventional items like a belt. Suspenders play a similar role too. They actually make you look more stylish and less conventional. The brogues shoes are very much in season. They are a favourite to many and can be worn on different types of outfits. You may want to step up your style game by wearing a Triple Toned brogues in place of a regular pair of brogues shoes

A combination of all these items gives a more relaxed and interesting look. After all you should at times look less formal too.

My personal style is bold and magical. I have found my magic and my magic is my style. What’s your magic? Have you found yours🤔?

Outfit. Shirt by White wood England x Pants by Mazzaro x flat hat by Kangol x tie by Peterson Giant x Triple toned brogues by Giorgio Armani.

 Directed by Osunsanmi Olugbemi and Replicas concept.