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What does “BOLD” mean to you?

“What is this guy wearing?” “Is this boy not ashamed of himself?” “He’s just a clown.” “But chill! Is this guy gay?” Those were some words of people that saw me dress some two years back.

“This guy is just too creative mehn”, “I think I can wear this, Dara has worn it before” “Guy you too dey burst brains”, “I have to buy one of those items, it looked good on Dara when he wore it” These are the words of these same people now. Surprised?. It took a lot of consistency, hard work, creativity and above all boldness to have turned the tables around in a space of just two years.

What does it actually mean to be bold? Boldness is relative as what you call bold could be called “normal” by me.

Let me quickly share some very useful tips on how you can dress very boldly and make a statement in whatever you wear.

  1. Learn to manage attention. I don’t know how easy that would be but you just have to learn it as you’d get a lot of people starring when you start your boldness journey.
  2. Boost your confidence. It takes time, don’t rush, build it gradually to a point where you’re okay with people asking unnecessary questions 😊.
  3. Find a style and create a niche around it. For a start, there’s no need to be all over every fashion genre. Stick to one for now and be playful around it.
  4. Take an extra step to pair colours. Learn it. Don’t be a lazy dresser that only centers around shades of only one colour. Be daring my dear.
  5. Lastly on this article, debunk the popular saying “you don’t wear patterns on patterns”. That was never a fashion rule and would never be a fashion rule. That saying was probably introduced by one of those lazy, shy and boring dressers we have out there. Take patterns and prints into consideration, pair them well and trust me, you’d stand out.

Outfit by @darafashionthreads

Photography by @oduologywork

Imaginativa Artistica

I used to think every “underbridge” is a home for the idle until I came across this area under a bridge in Maryland, Lagos where beauty was created live in my eyes. The sight of allure left me in great surprise. I could smell hardwork and zeal from the young.

I also noticed how skilled and excellent the adults were in their works. They were looking like they’ve had over twenty years of experience in Cane and Basket weaving. I got thinking even after the Danfo bus I was in had left the spot we were on before the traffic had cleared. I thought to myself “I’ve never seen such creativity, I must come back here” I nurtured this thought and immediately started plans on how a photoshoot in the Basket market, Maryland would work. It was almost impossible but thank God for God.

Imaginativa Artistica is a Spanish phrase that simply means “creative”. It is an exclusionary fashion editorial that puts to details the importance of creativity in style today. More people are concerned about how creative you can be with your style. Who doesn’t want to be entertained?

In a previous editorial I did earlier this year ” Dara’s divisional approach to general fashion”, I emphasized the power of personal style in fashion as it supersedes every other genre. Gone are the days where there’s a fashion trend that lasts for too long. Fashion influencers are actually gaining more grounds because of how well they’ve incorporated creativity and artistry into how they look at every time.

For fashion enthusiasts that haven’t identified ways they can put more spice into their fashion game to attain their desired style level, I’d put you through.

Firstly, I tell fashion enthusiasts that they have to identify whether they have creativity traits so as to know how well they can catch up and stay relevant in the fashion sphere.

If you pass this test, goodluck to you. You can now proceed to the next stage which is being able to figure out how bold you can be. A major reason fashion enthusiasts remain as fashion enthusiasts is because of this factor. Many of them are scared of being laughed at. Some don’t have the courage to be in the spotlight. They’re timid and don’t have guts. For you to attain a particular creativity level, you have to be ready for all these. You should be bold enough to try many things an average dresser can never try. Except you want to remain as an average dresser.

Also, you have to spot your source of inspiration. Do you get inspired by music, the government, education, serenity, old life, art(like me), the community or even anything else? It’s okay to have a number of inspirations but it’s much better if they’re streamlined down so creating a niche would be easier.

When I came across the beautiful basket market, I could be apprised of an epitome of art. I needed a very artistic outfit to match the basket colours, weaving patterns and the aura as a whole in order to make sense out of all. I got a double breasted trench coat with it’s matching trousers pair in a suitable colour.

I made a weaved hat to match the weaving pattern of the baskets and other items.

I also got a pair of shoes with such pattern. After putting all together, it came out looking really good to be called creative.

Y’all shouldn’t also forget not plan and work beyond your budgets like I always advice.

Thanks to my team. They were really exceptional and instrumental in making Imaginativa Artistica a favourable outcome.

Outfit – Double breasted trench coat by Medicoloran x Weaved cap by Darafashionthreads x Shoes by Gianvito Rossi.

Photograghy by Ayodeji Oke.

Body art by House of Mojoke.

Project contributors – Tobi Kareem, Odukoya Tolani .

Location – Basket Market, Maryland, Ikeja. Lagos.

Sick and Tired?

Everyone has always had a way to combat boredom at every phase of their lives. While I was growing, being the only child of my parents, it was pretty tasking for me to kill every bad vibes that came from boredom. You can imagine living a major chunk of your first fifteen years of your life with two grown ups (my parents) who thought the key to keeping me lively was hanging out with me right in our home and giving me every chore to do😭. Deep down I knew I was always waiting for the slightest opportunity to go see my best kids in the neighborhood so I maximized any time I was sent on errands outside the home. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeee😂

Things changed as I grew older. I had learnt how to play the drums at 10 and the keyboard at 14. So at this stage, I had other things that kept me from boredom. I would literally spend every free time playing the keyboard in my room and the drums if I feel the need to leave home to church to rehearse at very free hours. At least I was already old enough to leave home without permission.😊

I grew older and I had new interests again. I started learning how to play video games. I never won a game though and this boy right here was always a champion.

Now at this present stage of my life can y’all guess what I do when boredom comes?🤔. Okay! I CREATE LOOKS IN MY HEAD. strange right?😁.

Like I usually say, consistency is important and it’s a major reason creatives are never short of ideas in fashion and style. Few individuals that are authorities in the fashion industry today have a long time ago gone past just dressing and looking good. They frequently created ideas and various looks from imagination. That’s why they’re rather referred to as creatives and not fashionistas. They are the major trend setters in the sphere. Creatives like Steven Onoja ,Thestyleinfidel and few others have paved the way for younger creatives to be more dauntless in their looks.

I had actualized this look in my head during one of my bored times before putting it into reality. Taking into account the boldness and confidence factor, I fused three different genres to create this look. Take a look at my waist down to my feet, there’s a tone of comportment and classy, my trunk look preaches some sorta playful, daring and berserk. I mean who wears such accessories with a denim jacket. My Kurt Cobain glasses pair gives a wavy feel. What a strange look to pull up in your brain.😣

So in the past one year, this has been my perfect way to kill boredom and it has really been working for me.

 How do you kill boredom?🤔 Scroll down to drop your method in the comment box and let’s have some fun.🤗

POISE – belleza couture x darafashionthreads

Poise is a fashion editorial that describes how elegance and panache look good and “better” with some other non orthodox and carefully selected fabrics and outfit styles.

Asides looking royal and classy in a well tailored 3 piece suit piece or a plain ball gown or basque gown, going more traditional and less western with so much creativity attached can really help achieve that feat.

Recently, I started my tailoring company – (Darafashionthreads) of which outfits have been and would be with inventiveness illustrated, designs would be drawn in very innovative manners and perfectly tailored to your taste.

Darafashionthreads made this voluminous attire used in this editorial by the birth of many ideas because of a consciousness to deliver a very elegant piece. We finally came up with an embroidery design that has a pattern of four rose flowers arranged vertically with the presence of beautiful stones lined on the lateral sides. Is that not enough elegance and class in one look?

The lady’s outfit is a merge of sophistication and splendor. It was made from carefully cut textiles.

Thanks to our contemporary female fashion house – Belleza couture. They give you the best and maintains a very high level of exquisiteness when it comes to high fashion for the ladies. What a transcendent fashion line to identify with.


We cannot overemphasize the royalty touch on this whole project.


In the Yoruba land especially, Agbadas were worn by the biggest kings.

Queens also wore clothes that had the best embroidery embedded in them. Royalty is just an important feature of high fashion that shouldn’t be sidelined.

Darafashionthreads and Belleza couture also have mastery in providing very simple designs as simplicity speaks so much and has gotten the hearts of many enthusiasts and creatives.

I cannot forget to appreciate other members of the team that worked on this project. Adejoke Ishola who was the makeup artist also played the role of a creative director. She was perfect in her doings. Odu Abiodun did stupendous photography too. Y’all are the best team🤗💃🙌.

Female outfits by @bellezacouture_

Male outfits by @darafashionthreads

Makeover by @mojoke__

Photography by @oduology


Let me tell you a story;

Some years back I pursued a dream of staying relevant in the fashion industry (as y’all know relevance in your field is key). It was rough but overtime I adjusted and I was able to maintain a pace. Three years ago after I already discovered how enthusiastic I was looking good in clothes and a few matching accessories, I stuck to it and immediately developed a style of looking very classic popularly called the classic man style.

Due to the fact that there were so many influence around me basically wearing a shirt, a tie and a well ironed pair of trousers (private school and med school issues). I had no choice than to fall in love with such and other similar outfits. After I started blogging till date most of my blog works if you’ve really being following up have been the classic man kind of editorials. After some time, this style became boring to a lot of people as they were already tired of seeing the same things over again. I had to plan a major breakup at this point. I had to stay away from my beloved style. It wasn’t too easy but I had to learn and with time I discovered some tips that were working for me in my journey into street style. If you’ve been having difficulties blending well into street style, these tips below might be really helpful👇

1.Every piece is important:

For you to create very good street looks, it’s important to know that every of those piece you have can be very useful sooner or later. From this look below, the T shirt I’m wearing was given to me by my mum about 7 years back. I was little those times and couldn’t wear it. I recently joggled through the house, found it and saw it useful for a sport/ baggy look.

2.know your budget: Classic man style is said to be one of the most expensive fashion style which is one of the reasons people say “Fashion is expensive”. Street style is very flexible enough for any fashion enthusiast to cope with. If you cannot afford an expensive sneaker pair, you can buy some other authentic pairs that go for lower prices.


The item that looks like a head gear on my head is a bandana I bought for a hundred and fifty Naira. Jeans and joggers are quite affordable too. They’d make a good piece for your street looks.

3.Adopt the trendy sneakers trick: As a sneaker lover, if you don’t know how to style a sneaker pair you’ve got because there’s nothing to wear it with, you can actually wear them with some other cooperate outfit’s piece you already have. Such combination is actually trendy. (See picture below)

4.Have a black or white outfit piece at your finger tip: Asides being the most natural colours in style today, black or white can add a warm and less controversial feel to your street looks.

You wouldn’t want people to take the first ten minutes they see you to understand your colour match. Lastly,

5.Take a step further: After you’ve learnt the most basic tips and you’re sure they’re working for you, you can therefore take some bolder steps and try out some accessories,

they give your street style look extra spice😉

I drowned!😪

I called for help but nobody could reach me. After about seven seconds, people had gathered and before they could do anything, I was already submerged, I was gone. So sad😪

It all started from one random Monday evening shortly after choir rehearsals. My happy self was strolling out of the chapel before three ladies approached me (they know themselves🙄) and were trying to sweet talk me into joining one random committee like that and I’m like”🙅” They didn’t give up and still went ahead to be precise. They told me that they’d like me to work in the children’s department of a Rural outreach with them. First of all when you talk about rural outreaches, I’m usually not interested for no reason😠. For the children’s department talk, I’ve never even had such experience, I mean… all I know is fashion and style😂. Well, in a long run, with the convincing powers of the female gender, I eventually agreed to be on their committee and at once I commenced planning. Anticipation gradually built to the maximum that I already planned a photoshoot there, a place I had no idea of how it looked (your McE is so weird😪) I anticipated to the extent that I didn’t sleep a night before 12th of May (the outreach day). I had already gotten my outfit ready and when morning came, I was the second to get into the bus that would convey us. Thank God I got my favourite seat. As at exactly 7:38am, the bus moved. I had relaxed thinking it was going to be a long journey but contrary to my expectation in less than two hours , we had gotten to our destination. It looked like twenty minutes in my eyes.

Thanks to Oreoluwa who was my seat and gist partner all through the trip. That girl is not boring, she has gists😉😉.

The first thing that amazed me when we alighted was something I had not seen in a while. A lagoon.

It looked like it didn’t have an end. Me being too used to Ikeja was so dumbfounded at the new sight. I was so scared to even go near until a group of “Egbons” that were really smoking hard got irritated by my girly attitude😫. They started to mock. One said and I quote ” Shey Obirin ni e ni, Okunri to ti dagba bayi. Ashey o tie le” I was already boiling. I just got motivated and out of shame and anger mixed together😂, I went closer until I was a few inches close to the water, fear gripped me, various thoughts came in. At some point I was like “what if the spiritual forces in the water drag me in” After a while I was helped into the water by some fishermen I had some good time with.

 I went around the village and I found really beautiful scenes, so many artistically looking mud houses. Some were supported with irregularly cut wood logs. Almost all their roofs were made with dried palm leaves.



I spoke to the kids of Ikosi about “Dressing well and good hygiene ”

 I really had to be simple enough with my vocabulary and at a point I had to force out my Yoruba accent. Pheeeew.. (Y’all don’t want to hear how it sounded). We played a lot of games together and thank God, the children liked it.

Generally the people of ikosi were really hospitable and accommodating.

Outfit details-

Directed and photographed by- Abiodun Odu (@oduologyworks)

Casper and Gambini launch + A hangout with Noble Igwe.

So it was a cold evening at the capital city of the commercial capital of Nigeria at around 8pm(Nigerian Time). Different faces from all walks of life were seen having so much fun facing their various businesses at the ikeja city mall. At a section of the mall was the Official Launch of Casper and Gambini.

Casper and Gambini is an all day international restaurant-cafe that provides a fine casual dining experience to its patronizers. They were established 1996 in Beirut and has since  spread across over 10 cities across the Middle east and Africa.

The launch was an event worthy of note as there were free snacks, cakes, burger and other small chops together with assorted drinks and wine. What a superb experience.

There was a standby performance by an exceptional brilliant live band that had their songs carefully picked from all music genres.

They were filled with too much sauce as they got the house dancing till the end. We would have never been over exultant.

The Casper and Gambini Launch was unarguably the best time to hangout with a celebrity in the fashion industry as one of Africa’s topmost blogger and fashion entrepreneur Noble Igwe was live in the building.

He had previously given out some invites some days before the Cafe launch through his Instagram platform. Trust me he is a favourite to hangout with.

The event was also a good opportunity to chill out with old friends and a medium to meet new people. You might have just met your future hubby or wife. Who knows? You can’t tell. I really had a nice time at the Launch as I met new friends too.

Photography by Replicas concept.

 Review by Babalola Jesudara.


A ghetto is an area of a city lived in by a minority group, especially a run down and densely populated area lived in by a group that experiences some kind of social or economic restrictions, pressure and hardship. Ghetto was originally used in Venice to describe the part of the city to which Jews were hampered and ghettoized. But the term has since been applied. In the world today, almost every developed country still has at least one ghetto. That’s not much of a surprise though.

Well, before I continue, let me describe the concept of this editorial. The ghetto project is an initiative I developed with the team in celebration of my birthday that’s around the corner. That’s good news right?. This project was carried out to give a synopsis of lifestyle in a ghetto. Its like a form of appreciation and commendation for the struggle of every individual that dwells in a ghetto. This is not a regular fashion editorial, its more of a lifestyle thing.

Carefully considering a ghetto, you will agree with me that life is not easy here. There are obvious features of a ghetto lifestyle, many of which are not palatable at all. I can categorically call it a naturally occuring vintage and outmoded life existing in a new age that we are in now. Look at the quality of the buildings. The old and archaic structures found in here. The ill hygiene is alarming.

A ghetto inhabitant never allows all those determine his joy instead he keeps pushing and struggling for something more deserving.

A ghetto boy puts up little or no smile because of the kind of life he is subjected to live. All he is interested in is an improved life.

At a point of his life, he is made to enjoy life the way it appears to him (still clamouring for a better life beneath). He is now left in the impasse of choosing whether to stay with his present situation or pursue that comfortable life that he wished he had. He is left in between two thoughts

Grown ups here compulsorily (in any way) have to fend for a very large family of theirs . It’s really hard to believe that some families of maybe seven kids live on only one aged and anemic bike. It’s really that bad.

Shoutout goes to every young boy in the hood that have been left alone at an early age to nurture their dreams without assistance and encouragement from anywhere. Just keep your dreams and ambition alive and nurtured in any way it can. It will pay off one day.

Today in the world, there are so many styles, from fashion to art, culture, literature etc. that have now naturally identified with the ghetto life. An example is the ripped jeans trend. Asides being popular in the late 1980s during the hard rock/ heavy metal era, ripped jeans have had a root from some very old ghettos. They were actually distressed jeans and were not intentionally ripped unlike the trendy ones we have today.

Personally, I think the ghetto lifestyle has gradually grown into a brand of its own and will always be appreciated by an average country man. What do you all think guys. Kindly drop your feedbacks in the comment box below.

Outfit – T-shirt by Super gold polo x Distressed jeans by Lee x Moccasins by Dockside Sebago x timepiece by Chanel.

Photographer – Replicas Concept

Director – Osunsanmi Olugbemi

Stylist and writer – Babalola Jesudara


What’s popping people? How y’all doing. Today I’m tilting more into lifestyle than fashion. In the spirit of celebration, The team and I did this as a small project in conjunction with Lagos at 50. As we all know Lagos is a land of opportunities. It is where only the fittest survive in every ramifications (food, shelter, clothing etc).

Lagos is with no doubt the commercial capital of Nigeria and will always remain the “style” capital of Africa as well. As an average Lagos inhabitant, how do I survive in such a busy environment?from the ghettos, to the rough “under bridges ” that have turned into homes for many,

the noisy residential areas to the traffic-struck commercial areas of Lagos where you get to experience traffic in another dimension. You tend to be a “passive smoker” when u would have inhaled various concentration of fumes from exhaust pipes. You would have already been exhausted and “unfresh” before you get to your destination. So sad.

Lagos and its yellowness is another story for another day. You hardly drive a kilometer on a Lagos road without seeing ten (if not more) yellow buses. Their drivers would make me write one more chapter?. Regular Lagos commuters will understand what I’m saying.

Do you know how it feels to be in the trap of a police officer?. Probably you didn’t tighten your seat belt or you committed some other offence. Iono (Note : ALWAYS tighten your seat belts)

A police man always wins an argument. There are no two ways to it. DISCLAIMER: I am not a policeman??. Lagos is just fun mehn.         Lagos at 50 is a Lagos that has gone quite far. After all there are comfortable and less stressful places in the city. Even with the structure of the city. The average man still wants to appear dapper, presentable and fashionable even when its so uneasy . They end up getting stained, wet (from their sweat) or even weak in trying to attain those feat. Now, the question is can I still be that fashionable lady or man I want to be without being disturbed by my daily activities and businesses.

The answer is yes. Just follow the few tips below and be assured that you can.

Understand your level of comfort. Know what you wear that makes you comfortable. If you’ll probably feel better in a pair of derby shoes for an outfit, please wear them.

Try to be as simple as possible. It doesn’t mean you should dress down. But then if you know that that pretty accessory of yours might be a burden to you that day, keep it for another day or occasion. Its as simple as that.

Be smart like me?. I was basically wearing a Levi’s button down top with a pant, a watch and a shoe. Is that not smart and simple enough ?

Always work with the weather. Wear lighter fabrics and non black clothes for a very sunny weather. A jacket or sweater is actually not bad for a cold day.

You may want to add more tips or share your lagos story. Dont hesitate to drop your comments guys, Bye?

Outfit – glasses by Thom Browne x Button down top by Levi x Pants by Marks and Spencer x Delta Oxford shoes x Time piece by Rolex (Geneve Cellini)

Styled by Babalola Jesudara

Directed by Osunsanmi Olugbemi

Photographed by Replicas Concept