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POISE – belleza couture x darafashionthreads

Poise is a fashion editorial that describes how elegance and panache look good and “better” with some other non orthodox and carefully selected fabrics and outfit styles.

Asides looking royal and classy in a well tailored 3 piece suit piece or a plain ball gown or basque gown, going more traditional and less western with so much creativity attached can really help achieve that feat.

Recently, I started my tailoring company – (Darafashionthreads) of which outfits have been and would be with inventiveness illustrated, designs would be drawn in very innovative manners and perfectly tailored to your taste.

Darafashionthreads made this voluminous attire used in this editorial by the birth of many ideas because of a consciousness to deliver a very elegant piece. We finally came up with an embroidery design that has a pattern of four rose flowers arranged vertically with the presence of beautiful stones lined on the lateral sides. Is that not enough elegance and class in one look?

The lady’s outfit is a merge of sophistication and splendor. It was made from carefully cut textiles.

Thanks to our contemporary female fashion house – Belleza couture. They give you the best and maintains a very high level of exquisiteness when it comes to high fashion for the ladies. What a transcendent fashion line to identify with.


We cannot overemphasize the royalty touch on this whole project.


In the Yoruba land especially, Agbadas were worn by the biggest kings.

Queens also wore clothes that had the best embroidery embedded in them. Royalty is just an important feature of high fashion that shouldn’t be sidelined.

Darafashionthreads and Belleza couture also have mastery in providing very simple designs as simplicity speaks so much and has gotten the hearts of many enthusiasts and creatives.

I cannot forget to appreciate other members of the team that worked on this project. Adejoke Ishola who was the makeup artist also played the role of a creative director. She was perfect in her doings. Odu Abiodun did stupendous photography too. Y’all are the best team🤗💃🙌.

Female outfits by @bellezacouture_

Male outfits by @darafashionthreads

Makeover by @mojoke__

Photography by @oduology

I drowned!😪

I called for help but nobody could reach me. After about seven seconds, people had gathered and before they could do anything, I was already submerged, I was gone. So sad😪

It all started from one random Monday evening shortly after choir rehearsals. My happy self was strolling out of the chapel before three ladies approached me (they know themselves🙄) and were trying to sweet talk me into joining one random committee like that and I’m like”🙅” They didn’t give up and still went ahead to be precise. They told me that they’d like me to work in the children’s department of a Rural outreach with them. First of all when you talk about rural outreaches, I’m usually not interested for no reason😠. For the children’s department talk, I’ve never even had such experience, I mean… all I know is fashion and style😂. Well, in a long run, with the convincing powers of the female gender, I eventually agreed to be on their committee and at once I commenced planning. Anticipation gradually built to the maximum that I already planned a photoshoot there, a place I had no idea of how it looked (your McE is so weird😪) I anticipated to the extent that I didn’t sleep a night before 12th of May (the outreach day). I had already gotten my outfit ready and when morning came, I was the second to get into the bus that would convey us. Thank God I got my favourite seat. As at exactly 7:38am, the bus moved. I had relaxed thinking it was going to be a long journey but contrary to my expectation in less than two hours , we had gotten to our destination. It looked like twenty minutes in my eyes.

Thanks to Oreoluwa who was my seat and gist partner all through the trip. That girl is not boring, she has gists😉😉.

The first thing that amazed me when we alighted was something I had not seen in a while. A lagoon.

It looked like it didn’t have an end. Me being too used to Ikeja was so dumbfounded at the new sight. I was so scared to even go near until a group of “Egbons” that were really smoking hard got irritated by my girly attitude😫. They started to mock. One said and I quote ” Shey Obirin ni e ni, Okunri to ti dagba bayi. Ashey o tie le” I was already boiling. I just got motivated and out of shame and anger mixed together😂, I went closer until I was a few inches close to the water, fear gripped me, various thoughts came in. At some point I was like “what if the spiritual forces in the water drag me in” After a while I was helped into the water by some fishermen I had some good time with.

 I went around the village and I found really beautiful scenes, so many artistically looking mud houses. Some were supported with irregularly cut wood logs. Almost all their roofs were made with dried palm leaves.



I spoke to the kids of Ikosi about “Dressing well and good hygiene ”

 I really had to be simple enough with my vocabulary and at a point I had to force out my Yoruba accent. Pheeeew.. (Y’all don’t want to hear how it sounded). We played a lot of games together and thank God, the children liked it.

Generally the people of ikosi were really hospitable and accommodating.

Outfit details-

Directed and photographed by- Abiodun Odu (@oduologyworks)


When we thought the blog was done for the year, something happened🤔. Wait for it

I’m not that short. She’s on heels😂

Something looking like a pre wedding shoot. This was never planned to be Apparently this happened on the 21st of December at the Xmas Chills and Grills. In support of the event, I and the team went together with Her and in the course of taking our usual pictures,

we found out how good they we’re to be called an unplanned pre wedding shoot even if I was looking so dressed down😥.

Unlike her, she was wearing a Beautiful floral printed flowy gown and a pair of peach heels. Isn’t that too gorgeous to say that she dressed down.

But look at me SMH. Anyways there’s a goodnews💃- to finally wrap the year that I thought I had already wrapped up, I’m gonna be teaching exclusively about DRESSING DOWN. It is understood that fashion entails a lot of elegance, sophistication and urbanity, but it also requires that one looks simple and good at right times. That’s where dressing down comes to play. Dressing down has an original meaning of dressing much more informal than normal as you can still look stylish as far as your clothes fit and meet the dress function rule (which explains that you should know when to dress down as well as when to dress up). 

Note: In the art of fashion irrespective of whether you dress up or dress down, Style remains the message to the world.

So straight to today’s topic. When and when not to dress down🤔.

  • A very good time to dress down is on “Dress down day” more commonly called “casual day”. A casual day is a workday during which a business or a firm manager formally relaxes it’s dress code to a particular degree. This is really a good time to maximize the opportunity, dress down and show the world how fashionable you can still be in a dress down outfit. That  would be an amazing day for me.
  • When there’s no dress code for an event that’s not a dinner , it is advisable to dress down. Imagine you’re the only one looking all dressed up and sophisticated in an event where others came dressed down.


The face you give when you find out that you’re the odd one out because you overdressed😂😂

  • Other times to dress down include hangouts with friends and family, shopping, movies, beach, concerts etc.
  • Times never to dress down include working days(Firm/ Business setting), business meetings, dinners and related gatherings as they all have their specific dress codes respectively.

 I hope y’all have learnt something😊.  Don’t forget to drop your feedbacks in the comment box below. I have not forgotten to discuss THE DARAS DIVISIONAL APPROACH TO GENERAL FASHION, it’s gonna be explained in a subsequent editorial. I’m also using this medium to wish readers of darafashion a wonderful Yuletide season with massive blessings. 2018 would be greater. Bye friends and see you next year.

Stylist We styled ourselves

 Makeup by Idowu Queen (@qmakeovers)


So I’m back again after thirty days. Pheeew! My tailor has been disappointing. So sad. Thank God for The Lagos Wardrobe Exhibition that came to the rescue?. I would have been left “editorialess” until further notice lol. Okay if you’re still lost. This is how it worked. TLWE is a fashion show that I had to attend over the weekend. So when the show was at the corner, I improvised since my tailor had already disappointed. Well, guess what I’ve got.

A denim jacket replacing a suit jacket or a blazzer. So I’m wearing  a white shirt with a tie,an ash waistcoat, a blue checkered trousers pair, a denim jacket with a multicoloured lapel flower attached to it and a one leather cut Derby pair. This is a style in between the “casual” and “classic”. I’ll basically call it a “semi casual style”. Semi casual styles don’t usually look like this anyways. But then, for this look (like I sometimes like to do), I was very playful with different items of two fashion genres. That’s one of those creative stunt we talking right here. It’s really lovely when you go beyond what has been seen as “set standards” and create your own style. It’s nothing elaborate to do actually. It just requires you to be bold and extra creative. Doing your own things influenced by your personal ideas makes you even more exceptional.

Lately, there was an argument in my hostel about dressing to standards and general acceptability.  And I was able to deduce vividly that there’ll never be a time you’ll get a 100% yes for an outfit or a style you portray. So I came up with something I’ve called THE DARA’S DIVISIONAL APPROACH TO GENERAL FASHION. Well that’s for another day?. Keep your fingers crossed. I know you don’t wanna miss the new fashion Law I deduced. Basically my point is- Fashion is your own style. Your style is a general expression of you and is influenced by your interests and your level of guts. Yes guts. So I would implore that you feed your guts and try that thing you’ve always wanted to because it is your personal style as a result of your creativity and ideas. Y’all can try this style too cause it’s gonna be lit??.

I will not hesitate to talk about Olugbemi’s outfit too. Like I’ve analysed in a previous editorial, there are times that you’ll just take a break from all them sophisticated outfits.  So my good writer friend Olugbemi is wearing a T shirt, a black pair of trousers and a suit blazzer (yeah it’s okay to improvise). He is also wearing the very trendy rubber belt stylishly and they match his shoes perfectly because such basic rules should not be ruled out too. 

Well, well, a general review of the The Lagos Wardrobe Exhibition 2017 is coming soon on the blog and trust me you don’t wanna miss exclusive pictures from the show as we had top forces in the industry at the talk segment??. The Dara’s Divisional Approach to General Fashion is something you should not miss too on the blog. Also, anticipate some collaborations and giveaways with your favorite fashion brands . Who doesn’t love giveaways? Bye friends. Smiles

Outfits- Denim jacket by Gucci x Waistcoat by Paul Smith x White shirt by Hangoten x Tie by Debenhams x Checkered trousers by Kenzo x Blue Suit jacket by Blackmen x White tees by Primark essentials x Black trousers by D&G x Black Derby shoes by Sebago x Brown Double Monkstrap  Suede boots by Infamous glenn judo x Silver watch by Rolex Geneve Cellini  x Wine watch by Sekonda x Glasses by Thom Browne

Casper and Gambini launch + A hangout with Noble Igwe.

So it was a cold evening at the capital city of the commercial capital of Nigeria at around 8pm(Nigerian Time). Different faces from all walks of life were seen having so much fun facing their various businesses at the ikeja city mall. At a section of the mall was the Official Launch of Casper and Gambini.

Casper and Gambini is an all day international restaurant-cafe that provides a fine casual dining experience to its patronizers. They were established 1996 in Beirut and has since  spread across over 10 cities across the Middle east and Africa.

The launch was an event worthy of note as there were free snacks, cakes, burger and other small chops together with assorted drinks and wine. What a superb experience.

There was a standby performance by an exceptional brilliant live band that had their songs carefully picked from all music genres.

They were filled with too much sauce as they got the house dancing till the end. We would have never been over exultant.

The Casper and Gambini Launch was unarguably the best time to hangout with a celebrity in the fashion industry as one of Africa’s topmost blogger and fashion entrepreneur Noble Igwe was live in the building.

He had previously given out some invites some days before the Cafe launch through his Instagram platform. Trust me he is a favourite to hangout with.

The event was also a good opportunity to chill out with old friends and a medium to meet new people. You might have just met your future hubby or wife. Who knows? You can’t tell. I really had a nice time at the Launch as I met new friends too.

Photography by Replicas concept.

 Review by Babalola Jesudara.

BFX ’17 – What I wore.

So a day before the other day, I was searching through my wardrobe and I came across this thing usually called a knit tie. I had not seen it in there in a while. The reason being that I had not worn a tie in weeks so I never bothered checking through my tie section. I took it and said to my self “This is gonna make a good part of my outfit for the exposition tomorrow”. Then I hung it with the other clothes for the next day. The next day came and it was really sunny coincidentally it was a Sunday lol. So I got dressed with my tie on ready to go. I was already chocking and sweating profusely. So I pulled off the tie,

and spontaneously converted it into a waist band

After all I was gonna come across other bold and creative fashion and style enthusiasts at the exposition.

In the game of fashion and style, creativity is key, audacity is imperative and confidence in what you wear is the ultimate.

Many trends in fashion today were all balderdash and absurd at their first introduction but check them now. You’ll be amazed.

Speak your mind through what you wear. Express your mood through it and in no time you’ll be an unintentional trendsetter and influencer.

Business and Fashion expo ’17 was a dope one. It was a successful exposition as I got the chance to interact with great minds doing well in the business of fashion. In no time, Fashion will be a new Planet of the Earth.

A preview of BFX 17 was done and y’all can check it up on my most previous editorial. The editorial contains a lot of mind blowing pictures from the event. Thanks to Replicas Concept.

Last word for y’all is “Create your own style and it will be reckoned with for sure”

Other pictures of what I wore to the exposition are right down. Bye and don’t forget to drop your comments. Peace?

Outfit – Blazer by Kenneth Cole x Shirt by Levi Gardin x Pants by Diamond wears x Shoes by Fabi x knit tie by Hortex x Signature glasses by Thom Browne x Brooch by Farfetch

Directed and Photography by Replicas Concept.

Styled by Babalola Jesudara.

BUSINESS AND FASHION EXPO ’17 – how it went.

So it was a sunny Sunday on the 10th of September 2017 at the Haven GRA, ikeja where different business owners gathered to exhibit their wares, products, items and services for sales and rendition. It was a good avenue for networking, collaboration and partnership among  these business owners and even costumers. Costumers that were present were wowed as they saw quality.  Products and services available where standard. The exhibition started fully shortly before 11am and by 2pm, it had already gone far and good.

We had Mr Peter popularly called MC Peru anchor the exposition. He was able to do again what he does best as he brought life to the air with his jokes and good anchorage skills.

Representatives from Darafashion also went round and interviewed some brand owners.

Some  had really beautifully crafted bead items (necklace, bags, bangles etc). We had Cilla Blaze Concept, House of Edita, Beads@chinel and Princess Abeke that strictly majored in beads and other bead items. Their products were all beautiful.

The exhibition was full of skills and talents from the makeup industry as makeup artists like Lola’s Place, Bekkie Treasures, Kachida Makeovers, Gwenny makeovers(makeup + body art), Glam signature etc. were all present in the exposition. Their works were all astonishing.

Many of them, together with some other brands like Tat Nig. PLC, George Gift global ventures, Fae Cosmetics also had services like bead making, gele tying, cosmetics and soap making. They also had accessories and jewelry for sale. There was a chain of really adroit and dexterous fashion designers. Some of which were Aloine Craft Factory( Tops and gown with Ankara, Turban), Crown works (leather works), Desired crafts(Handmade and pure leather items) Dora Clothier (really creative pieces), Royalty wears (female wears) etc.

Brands like Biobodysecrets and Fae cosmetics had Organics on their exhibition table. They sell products made from naturals. They sell organic skincare products like The African Black Cream Body Milk, Bioexfoliates(scrubs) , Bio Oil. Their production is based on Egyptian/Nigerian regimen. Fae cosmetics had products from Oriflame Sweden that also make organics from plant stems and flowers. They had makeup products, body and skincare products and fragrances too.

Darafashion had an exclusive interview with the CEO of Christiana Reginald Limited Lagos (a company that makes hand made bags, purses and wallets of any type and design for any gender). Her works were really impressive as she’s one of the young minds that believes in quality in entrepreneurship. She shared with darafashion that her trademark on her handmade bags is a purple lining inside the bag with “Christiana Reginald” inscribed on it.

There were also foods and small chops exhibit. We had food vendors like D Taste from Heaven(catering services), 5 bubbles(catering services), Daishaquickbite(local chops and drinks), Food park (finger food), Hope4paradiseng(fruits) and The grace confections(delicious cakes).

They really made their customers salivate as customers had to go for more after a taste from the vendors. MC Peru can testify. There was a raffle draw that got many customers smiling home with gift prizes. Thanks to Archbishop Vining Memorial Church, the main organizers of the exposition. There was also a runway at the end of the exhibition. The models were really classy.

Before the exposition closed, a short business workshop that was handled  by a veteran in the entrepreneurship line took place. It was a really insightful session as financial stability was taught.

Business and Fashion Expo ( The fourth of its kind) was a success.

Photography by Replicas Concept

Event was previewed by Babalola Jesudara