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SŌ – darafashion x theindigochxld

SŌ is an aristocratic fashion piece that explains heterogeneity, ambidexterity, gumption and audacity so easily in just five pictures.

In the picture above, I see versatility, audacity, rhythm, free will and a bold step. I mean who wears and puts all these together comfortably. Okay that’s really a bold step.

“Be focused in everything you do” they say. This picture above reminds me of how much of a goal getter I am. You want to play this game of fashion, then take distractions off.

I don’t know how photographers do their thing but I see ingenuity in this picture. @theindigochxld made colour compatibility look so easy. I was actually in another realm which I call – The realm of excessively creative fashion.

There’s confidence, strive and self belief in this piece. You have to own those attributes every moment in life.

“No pain no gain” , “No food for a lazy man” I can remember the pains I went through (pretending like I was fine😁) before we could come up with this amazing piece. As a creative, you’d expel so much energy and do a lot of brain works. Life no be beans.

Photography and Creative Directing by @theindigochxld 

Sick and Tired?

Everyone has always had a way to combat boredom at every phase of their lives. While I was growing, being the only child of my parents, it was pretty tasking for me to kill every bad vibes that came from boredom. You can imagine living a major chunk of your first fifteen years of your life with two grown ups (my parents) who thought the key to keeping me lively was hanging out with me right in our home and giving me every chore to do😭. Deep down I knew I was always waiting for the slightest opportunity to go see my best kids in the neighborhood so I maximized any time I was sent on errands outside the home. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeee😂

Things changed as I grew older. I had learnt how to play the drums at 10 and the keyboard at 14. So at this stage, I had other things that kept me from boredom. I would literally spend every free time playing the keyboard in my room and the drums if I feel the need to leave home to church to rehearse at very free hours. At least I was already old enough to leave home without permission.😊

I grew older and I had new interests again. I started learning how to play video games. I never won a game though and this boy right here was always a champion.

Now at this present stage of my life can y’all guess what I do when boredom comes?🤔. Okay! I CREATE LOOKS IN MY HEAD. strange right?😁.

Like I usually say, consistency is important and it’s a major reason creatives are never short of ideas in fashion and style. Few individuals that are authorities in the fashion industry today have a long time ago gone past just dressing and looking good. They frequently created ideas and various looks from imagination. That’s why they’re rather referred to as creatives and not fashionistas. They are the major trend setters in the sphere. Creatives like Steven Onoja ,Thestyleinfidel and few others have paved the way for younger creatives to be more dauntless in their looks.

I had actualized this look in my head during one of my bored times before putting it into reality. Taking into account the boldness and confidence factor, I fused three different genres to create this look. Take a look at my waist down to my feet, there’s a tone of comportment and classy, my trunk look preaches some sorta playful, daring and berserk. I mean who wears such accessories with a denim jacket. My Kurt Cobain glasses pair gives a wavy feel. What a strange look to pull up in your brain.😣

So in the past one year, this has been my perfect way to kill boredom and it has really been working for me.

 How do you kill boredom?🤔 Scroll down to drop your method in the comment box and let’s have some fun.🤗

I drowned!😪

I called for help but nobody could reach me. After about seven seconds, people had gathered and before they could do anything, I was already submerged, I was gone. So sad😪

It all started from one random Monday evening shortly after choir rehearsals. My happy self was strolling out of the chapel before three ladies approached me (they know themselves🙄) and were trying to sweet talk me into joining one random committee like that and I’m like”🙅” They didn’t give up and still went ahead to be precise. They told me that they’d like me to work in the children’s department of a Rural outreach with them. First of all when you talk about rural outreaches, I’m usually not interested for no reason😠. For the children’s department talk, I’ve never even had such experience, I mean… all I know is fashion and style😂. Well, in a long run, with the convincing powers of the female gender, I eventually agreed to be on their committee and at once I commenced planning. Anticipation gradually built to the maximum that I already planned a photoshoot there, a place I had no idea of how it looked (your McE is so weird😪) I anticipated to the extent that I didn’t sleep a night before 12th of May (the outreach day). I had already gotten my outfit ready and when morning came, I was the second to get into the bus that would convey us. Thank God I got my favourite seat. As at exactly 7:38am, the bus moved. I had relaxed thinking it was going to be a long journey but contrary to my expectation in less than two hours , we had gotten to our destination. It looked like twenty minutes in my eyes.

Thanks to Oreoluwa who was my seat and gist partner all through the trip. That girl is not boring, she has gists😉😉.

The first thing that amazed me when we alighted was something I had not seen in a while. A lagoon.

It looked like it didn’t have an end. Me being too used to Ikeja was so dumbfounded at the new sight. I was so scared to even go near until a group of “Egbons” that were really smoking hard got irritated by my girly attitude😫. They started to mock. One said and I quote ” Shey Obirin ni e ni, Okunri to ti dagba bayi. Ashey o tie le” I was already boiling. I just got motivated and out of shame and anger mixed together😂, I went closer until I was a few inches close to the water, fear gripped me, various thoughts came in. At some point I was like “what if the spiritual forces in the water drag me in” After a while I was helped into the water by some fishermen I had some good time with.

 I went around the village and I found really beautiful scenes, so many artistically looking mud houses. Some were supported with irregularly cut wood logs. Almost all their roofs were made with dried palm leaves.



I spoke to the kids of Ikosi about “Dressing well and good hygiene ”

 I really had to be simple enough with my vocabulary and at a point I had to force out my Yoruba accent. Pheeeew.. (Y’all don’t want to hear how it sounded). We played a lot of games together and thank God, the children liked it.

Generally the people of ikosi were really hospitable and accommodating.

Outfit details-

Directed and photographed by- Abiodun Odu (@oduologyworks)

YES! DENIM IS AMAZING – ft Theadunniade.

Hello friends! I’ve missed y’all? and I know you miss me too. It’s been over a week that I updated the blog. Well, well today I’m not just posting, I’m introducing some female fashion tips right here. Isn’t that lovely? And guess what guys! ? Darafashion is featuring popular lifestyle blogger on this one – Theadunniade, because she’s got style and sauce. Lol.

This editorial is an interesting one and I’m sure the pictures can tell. As we all know, denims are really trendy and are worn by almost everyone that wears clothes. Note that denims are not just blue jeans jackets. A denim is a sturdy cotton twill fabric used for jeans, overalls, and other clothing. A jean is just a clothe made from denim material. Jeans are usually blue. All denims are not jeans but all jeans are made from denim. So in summary, a denim is a material used to make jeans. That’s a new insight  there right?

Denims are like the easiest clothes to style in. They can be sewn and worn as anything from jackets, overalls, suits, bags, trousers and even shoes. That’s how trendy denims are. Wearing denim is real fun and every denim lover is definitely a fun lover like us?

From the pictures, I styled in just one denim piece which is the pair of trousers. And then I wore a royal blue armless top to compliment the pair of trousers. Denims are just that easy to style. I also wore the very trendy Kurt Cobain Sunglasses together with a black half cap. I didn’t wear a sneakers because of how denims are really flexible with shoes and footwear’s. I used a pair of  Sebago Derby Shoes instead.

Apart from the very regular female denim styles like the denim on denim, denim jacket on black pants on a trendy sport shoe, Theadunniade chose to do it in her own way. She created her own style on this one and she killed it. She simply converted her baggy denim jacket into a dress. She’s probably bringing the baggy style alive again. She also dissed the very common sneakers look and went for something less customary for a normal playful and lively day. She wore a pair of Suede Winter Boots. To be honest, winter boots for ladies are really hard to style. A good majority of them out there are just  plain ugly making it a thorny task to style in them and look great. A denim jacket is one very item that goes well with the Seude winter boots for ladies. This only happens perfectly if your denim outfit is not clumsy.

So yes, lest I forget, you must have been seeing this sunglasses all around. They are known as Kurt Cobain sunglasses

It’s always very important to have a little knowledge about things you wear. Kurt Donald Cobain (1967 – 1994) was a musician, songwriter, guitarist and visual artist. This ’90s – style white oval sunglasses that were originally made for women was his signature identifier and they originated from Christian Roth’s 6558 series.

Putting together just the right accessories and items would give you that bold YES to your denim outfit.

You can now be rest assured of a playful and slayful day.

Don’t forget to drop your comments in the box below guys.

Styled by Babalola Jesudara

Special feature  @Theadunniade 

Makeup by @mojoke__

Directed by Osunsanmi Olugbemi.

Photography by Replicas Concepts.