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SŌ – darafashion x theindigochxld

SŌ is an aristocratic fashion piece that explains heterogeneity, ambidexterity, gumption and audacity so easily in just five pictures.

In the picture above, I see versatility, audacity, rhythm, free will and a bold step. I mean who wears and puts all these together comfortably. Okay that’s really a bold step.

“Be focused in everything you do” they say. This picture above reminds me of how much of a goal getter I am. You want to play this game of fashion, then take distractions off.

I don’t know how photographers do their thing but I see ingenuity in this picture. @theindigochxld made colour compatibility look so easy. I was actually in another realm which I call – The realm of excessively creative fashion.

There’s confidence, strive and self belief in this piece. You have to own those attributes every moment in life.

“No pain no gain” , “No food for a lazy man” I can remember the pains I went through (pretending like I was fine😁) before we could come up with this amazing piece. As a creative, you’d expel so much energy and do a lot of brain works. Life no be beans.

Photography and Creative Directing by @theindigochxld 

Tureltleneck and it’s adaptability

I find it so weird writing about fashion again because for the past two months, I’ve been writing science related essays😣. Well, I had a major exam. My exam experience?….🤔 Exam periods are the most challenging in my life. That’s a story for another day anyways. I use this medium to appreciate every individual that showed love. God’s gonna shower his blessings on you. Now! Back to business.

This article is gonna open your eyes to the latest and trendiest ways of rocking a turtleneck even if I am focusing on two major looks.

It’s no news that retrospective fashion has been resurfacing nowadays and the vibes have really been going smoothly if I may say. The reintroduction of the turtleneck and kangol caps are examples.

Although every fashion enthusiast has at least a turtleneck piece in his wardrobe and may know how to style it, the very versatile item has undergone a major style update and is now (against fashion rules) used as a perfect replacement for shirts. The turtleneck as against popularly worn in a casual look can now be used in a semi formal outfit or a business meeting kinda outfit. This look below explains this paragraph well and also fits for a first dinner date outfit.

The match between the turtleneck and the trouser pair had to be distorted a little by the black vest. (Vest is another name for Waistcoat). This look couldn’t have been complete without the Kangol cap. I’m not wearing a socks pair because this look is far from “official”.

Y’all can only wear this to your offices if your company doesn’t have strict rules on dressing. After all it’s good to take a break from an “everyday shirt” ritual. Introduce a little flexibility and you’d pass.

The second outfit is a fuse of winter and pizzazz. I had to be a little extra with this look to emphasize the role of the turtleneck in modishness and chic in today’s style.

Unlike those days when it was only perfect for winter, it is also very instrumental in gracefulness and elegance in today’s fashion and style.

For this look, I opted for a Tartan printed kangol cap to fit into a total feel of brown. The suit was a little oversized, so I improvised. Thanks to my 300naira tawny brown rubber belt that not only came to my rescue, but added some spice.

Wearing the turtleneck with a double breasted suit is really classy and trendy too. Some other ways to steal a show with this groovy item includes wearing them with a jeans pair and a leather jacket. (But heat go catch you die for Nigeria). Wearing a turtleneck with a three piece suit is a very suitable replacement for a boring shirt as it will also save you the stress on knotting a tie especially when you’re late for an occasion.

Follow these trend rules above and start to rule your world with your turtleneck game👌


Muse: Babalola Jesudara

Photographers: Odu Abiodun, Ayodeji Oke.

Imaginativa Artistica

I used to think every “underbridge” is a home for the idle until I came across this area under a bridge in Maryland, Lagos where beauty was created live in my eyes. The sight of allure left me in great surprise. I could smell hardwork and zeal from the young.

I also noticed how skilled and excellent the adults were in their works. They were looking like they’ve had over twenty years of experience in Cane and Basket weaving. I got thinking even after the Danfo bus I was in had left the spot we were on before the traffic had cleared. I thought to myself “I’ve never seen such creativity, I must come back here” I nurtured this thought and immediately started plans on how a photoshoot in the Basket market, Maryland would work. It was almost impossible but thank God for God.

Imaginativa Artistica is a Spanish phrase that simply means “creative”. It is an exclusionary fashion editorial that puts to details the importance of creativity in style today. More people are concerned about how creative you can be with your style. Who doesn’t want to be entertained?

In a previous editorial I did earlier this year ” Dara’s divisional approach to general fashion”, I emphasized the power of personal style in fashion as it supersedes every other genre. Gone are the days where there’s a fashion trend that lasts for too long. Fashion influencers are actually gaining more grounds because of how well they’ve incorporated creativity and artistry into how they look at every time.

For fashion enthusiasts that haven’t identified ways they can put more spice into their fashion game to attain their desired style level, I’d put you through.

Firstly, I tell fashion enthusiasts that they have to identify whether they have creativity traits so as to know how well they can catch up and stay relevant in the fashion sphere.

If you pass this test, goodluck to you. You can now proceed to the next stage which is being able to figure out how bold you can be. A major reason fashion enthusiasts remain as fashion enthusiasts is because of this factor. Many of them are scared of being laughed at. Some don’t have the courage to be in the spotlight. They’re timid and don’t have guts. For you to attain a particular creativity level, you have to be ready for all these. You should be bold enough to try many things an average dresser can never try. Except you want to remain as an average dresser.

Also, you have to spot your source of inspiration. Do you get inspired by music, the government, education, serenity, old life, art(like me), the community or even anything else? It’s okay to have a number of inspirations but it’s much better if they’re streamlined down so creating a niche would be easier.

When I came across the beautiful basket market, I could be apprised of an epitome of art. I needed a very artistic outfit to match the basket colours, weaving patterns and the aura as a whole in order to make sense out of all. I got a double breasted trench coat with it’s matching trousers pair in a suitable colour.

I made a weaved hat to match the weaving pattern of the baskets and other items.

I also got a pair of shoes with such pattern. After putting all together, it came out looking really good to be called creative.

Y’all shouldn’t also forget not plan and work beyond your budgets like I always advice.

Thanks to my team. They were really exceptional and instrumental in making Imaginativa Artistica a favourable outcome.

Outfit – Double breasted trench coat by Medicoloran x Weaved cap by Darafashionthreads x Shoes by Gianvito Rossi.

Photograghy by Ayodeji Oke.

Body art by House of Mojoke.

Project contributors – Tobi Kareem, Odukoya Tolani .

Location – Basket Market, Maryland, Ikeja. Lagos.

Sick and Tired?

Everyone has always had a way to combat boredom at every phase of their lives. While I was growing, being the only child of my parents, it was pretty tasking for me to kill every bad vibes that came from boredom. You can imagine living a major chunk of your first fifteen years of your life with two grown ups (my parents) who thought the key to keeping me lively was hanging out with me right in our home and giving me every chore to do😭. Deep down I knew I was always waiting for the slightest opportunity to go see my best kids in the neighborhood so I maximized any time I was sent on errands outside the home. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeee😂

Things changed as I grew older. I had learnt how to play the drums at 10 and the keyboard at 14. So at this stage, I had other things that kept me from boredom. I would literally spend every free time playing the keyboard in my room and the drums if I feel the need to leave home to church to rehearse at very free hours. At least I was already old enough to leave home without permission.😊

I grew older and I had new interests again. I started learning how to play video games. I never won a game though and this boy right here was always a champion.

Now at this present stage of my life can y’all guess what I do when boredom comes?🤔. Okay! I CREATE LOOKS IN MY HEAD. strange right?😁.

Like I usually say, consistency is important and it’s a major reason creatives are never short of ideas in fashion and style. Few individuals that are authorities in the fashion industry today have a long time ago gone past just dressing and looking good. They frequently created ideas and various looks from imagination. That’s why they’re rather referred to as creatives and not fashionistas. They are the major trend setters in the sphere. Creatives like Steven Onoja ,Thestyleinfidel and few others have paved the way for younger creatives to be more dauntless in their looks.

I had actualized this look in my head during one of my bored times before putting it into reality. Taking into account the boldness and confidence factor, I fused three different genres to create this look. Take a look at my waist down to my feet, there’s a tone of comportment and classy, my trunk look preaches some sorta playful, daring and berserk. I mean who wears such accessories with a denim jacket. My Kurt Cobain glasses pair gives a wavy feel. What a strange look to pull up in your brain.😣

So in the past one year, this has been my perfect way to kill boredom and it has really been working for me.

 How do you kill boredom?🤔 Scroll down to drop your method in the comment box and let’s have some fun.🤗


Let me tell you a story;

Some years back I pursued a dream of staying relevant in the fashion industry (as y’all know relevance in your field is key). It was rough but overtime I adjusted and I was able to maintain a pace. Three years ago after I already discovered how enthusiastic I was looking good in clothes and a few matching accessories, I stuck to it and immediately developed a style of looking very classic popularly called the classic man style.

Due to the fact that there were so many influence around me basically wearing a shirt, a tie and a well ironed pair of trousers (private school and med school issues). I had no choice than to fall in love with such and other similar outfits. After I started blogging till date most of my blog works if you’ve really being following up have been the classic man kind of editorials. After some time, this style became boring to a lot of people as they were already tired of seeing the same things over again. I had to plan a major breakup at this point. I had to stay away from my beloved style. It wasn’t too easy but I had to learn and with time I discovered some tips that were working for me in my journey into street style. If you’ve been having difficulties blending well into street style, these tips below might be really helpful👇

1.Every piece is important:

For you to create very good street looks, it’s important to know that every of those piece you have can be very useful sooner or later. From this look below, the T shirt I’m wearing was given to me by my mum about 7 years back. I was little those times and couldn’t wear it. I recently joggled through the house, found it and saw it useful for a sport/ baggy look.

2.know your budget: Classic man style is said to be one of the most expensive fashion style which is one of the reasons people say “Fashion is expensive”. Street style is very flexible enough for any fashion enthusiast to cope with. If you cannot afford an expensive sneaker pair, you can buy some other authentic pairs that go for lower prices.


The item that looks like a head gear on my head is a bandana I bought for a hundred and fifty Naira. Jeans and joggers are quite affordable too. They’d make a good piece for your street looks.

3.Adopt the trendy sneakers trick: As a sneaker lover, if you don’t know how to style a sneaker pair you’ve got because there’s nothing to wear it with, you can actually wear them with some other cooperate outfit’s piece you already have. Such combination is actually trendy. (See picture below)

4.Have a black or white outfit piece at your finger tip: Asides being the most natural colours in style today, black or white can add a warm and less controversial feel to your street looks.

You wouldn’t want people to take the first ten minutes they see you to understand your colour match. Lastly,

5.Take a step further: After you’ve learnt the most basic tips and you’re sure they’re working for you, you can therefore take some bolder steps and try out some accessories,

they give your street style look extra spice😉


Hi lovely friends! 2017 could never be as amazing as it was without y’all.  I say a big thanks for making it as splendid as you’re. This year’s gonna be bigger and better for us all as many brands would be collaborating with the blog this year. And guess what friends! Darafashion is gonna be a year older this year.

Who’s excited💃😊

In one of my previous editorials, I said and I quote “There was an argument in my hostel about dressing to standards and general acceptability. And I was able to deduce vividly that there’ll never be a time you’ll get a 100% for an outfit or a style you portray. So I came up with something I’ve called DARA’S DIVISIONAL APPROACH TO GENERAL FASHION ” This new fashion law I proposed elucidates the three divisions of general fashion and how they supersede each other.

DARA’S DIVISIONAL APPROACH TO GENERAL FASHION states that General fashion is divided into three which are Fashion rules, Fashion trends and Personal style and each of the latter supersedes the former.

I’ll explain😎😂

First of all, Fashion rules are like theories and laws proposed a long time ago. They were proposed to guide people into the so called “right paths of dressing well”. Fashion rules are really limiting and less flexible as they are now seen as old fashioned.

Fashion trends are styles that are in vogue at a particular point in time. Trends are usually initiated by so many factors an example is weather and season. 

Personal style is as simple as it sounds . I mean it’s your own fashion. It is not influenced by rules and trends. Personal style is independent as it most times disobeys fashion

The “I dont care” look I give after I break fashion rules

Trends sometimes break rules and eventually cause some styles to be generally chosen over fashion rules. 

How I walk confidently when I know what I’m wearing is trendy even if it doesn’t obey fashion rules💁

 For instance, fashion rules command that wearing a Three pieces suit comes complete when one wears a pair of socks with ones shoes as it defines one as a complete classic man, but considering the supremacy factor in the law proposed earlier, It is now really trendy to wear such outfits without a pair of socks especially with loafer shoes.

I wore a pair of socks anyways

The application of personal style into an outfit makes it really comfortable for me to wear a pair of black patent leather shoes and also wear a bag made in normal leather, even if fashion rules have once said that your bag and shoes should match in colour and pattern. Thanks to the supremacy factor.

The bag says it all

Being a lover of rings and other adorable accessories as a part of my personal style also permits me to break a rule that says “Ensure little or no accessories  to avoid clumsiness” and wear them happily together with my outfits.

Accessory game on fleek

Personal style sometimes transform into trends when they’re generally accepted by a number of people. This then makes you a Style influencer.

How you smile when you sight a trend that you started
And then for the first time in your life, you feel like a style influencer😂
Shop our ties from @lasumsa (Instagram) or 08127855728(WhatsApp)

Outfit – Glasses by Rayban x blazzer by Kenneth Cole x waistcoat by Paul Smith x  White shirt by Whitewood England x Ties by Lasumsa x Trousers by Blackmen x Wristwatch by Superior watches x Rings from Jumia Fashion x Loafer shoes by Gucci x Bag from an Okirika outlet in Eko Idumota Market Lagos.

Photography By Odu Abiodun @oduologyworks

Stylist/Creative director – Babalola Jesudara

Models – Akinboboola-Cole Sharon, Babalola Jesudara

Project contributor – Faniyi Oluwatobi.

BFX ’17 – What I wore.

So a day before the other day, I was searching through my wardrobe and I came across this thing usually called a knit tie. I had not seen it in there in a while. The reason being that I had not worn a tie in weeks so I never bothered checking through my tie section. I took it and said to my self “This is gonna make a good part of my outfit for the exposition tomorrow”. Then I hung it with the other clothes for the next day. The next day came and it was really sunny coincidentally it was a Sunday lol. So I got dressed with my tie on ready to go. I was already chocking and sweating profusely. So I pulled off the tie,

and spontaneously converted it into a waist band

After all I was gonna come across other bold and creative fashion and style enthusiasts at the exposition.

In the game of fashion and style, creativity is key, audacity is imperative and confidence in what you wear is the ultimate.

Many trends in fashion today were all balderdash and absurd at their first introduction but check them now. You’ll be amazed.

Speak your mind through what you wear. Express your mood through it and in no time you’ll be an unintentional trendsetter and influencer.

Business and Fashion expo ’17 was a dope one. It was a successful exposition as I got the chance to interact with great minds doing well in the business of fashion. In no time, Fashion will be a new Planet of the Earth.

A preview of BFX 17 was done and y’all can check it up on my most previous editorial. The editorial contains a lot of mind blowing pictures from the event. Thanks to Replicas Concept.

Last word for y’all is “Create your own style and it will be reckoned with for sure”

Other pictures of what I wore to the exposition are right down. Bye and don’t forget to drop your comments. Peace?

Outfit – Blazer by Kenneth Cole x Shirt by Levi Gardin x Pants by Diamond wears x Shoes by Fabi x knit tie by Hortex x Signature glasses by Thom Browne x Brooch by Farfetch

Directed and Photography by Replicas Concept.

Styled by Babalola Jesudara.


So I was one time talking on my Instagram about what I wore to my last school’s dinner party and I promised that I was gonna do an editorial on it. Well, here it comes guys. In this editorial, we gonna be analysing two things. We’ll be considering what I wore and secondly I’ll be briefly explaining what and what not to wear for a dinner party. I hope y’all enjoy it.

This outfit was actually floral and jewelry inspired. The cream dinner jacket aka Tuxedo is made from 100% wool. It’s got some very lovely light floral prints designs on it too.

The bow tie brooch have been in existence for a while now and are a very good replacement for regular bow ties and neck ties. They also come in different colours, shapes and designs. I played a very bold game of using another brooch on the lapel together with the bow tie brooch. At times, one might look very busy in ones outfit with too many accessories worn. But then, I think this particular combination of accessories is a good example of a not too clumsy tuxedo worn with accessories.

In this outfit was a waist band. Yeah! Waist bands are not only used by ladies and not only for the purpose of waist training, they are also worn together with tuxedos.

After all they speak elegance and class. For this outfit, the waist band and the bow tie brooch were made to complement each other in their colours. They are not the same colour, but have really related colours which is a good composition for this outfit.

Asides for the sake of pictorial explanation of outfits on the various editorials, basic men’s style rules have it that ones blazer, tuxedo, suit jacket is always buttoned while standing. It makes you look smarter.

At this juncture, I’ll be running through how and how not to look for a dinner party.

Apart from going out looking all stylish with an outfit like this one for a dinner, a Black tie dress code is now like the most standard and formal attire for men to wear for social gatherings. A suit jacket and jeans look is not a bad idea too. Though it’s less common in an African setting. Lately, traditional attires like the Agbada, Dansiki etc have been spotted in dinner parties. They are cool too because they are trendy and are gradually becoming accepted for such purpose. Most importantly, it’s very necessary to avoid clothes like vintage shirts, track suits, leather jackets or just a mere T-shirt and similar items. They are just annoyingly funny when they are spotted on you in such occasions like a dinner party. They won’t speak so nice of a gentleman that you are that knows the rules of the game and follow them obsequiously. Y’all can drop your comment and contribution in the comment box below and don’t also forget to follow our social media pages below too. Thanks for reading.

Outfit review – Floral printed cotton tuxedo and Black pants by Blackstar x Triple toned Derby with brogues details by Giorgio Armani x Brooches by Farfetch x Waist band by Tie Rack x Watch by Michael Kors x Signature glasses by Thom Browne.

Styled by  Babalola Jesudara

Directed by Osunsanmi Olugbemi

Photography by Replicas Concept

A good replacement for your sweaters and cardigans.

Hi  friends! Today on the blog I’m gonna be talking about what I call a “2 piece plus 1 suit” as a perfect replacement for your cardigans and sweaters. I would be giving some important style tips too. In one of my previous editorials, I described a 2 piece plus 1 suit as a type of suit that has the jacket and the pair of trousers with the same colour and the waist coat as a different colour that still matches the other two.

Three piece suits generally have catered for so many fashion and style necessities today and have now become my best replacements for cardigans and sweaters in a cold weather. Inasmuch as a three piece suit would be a very good option for dinners, weddings, business and office presentations etc. This suit style can as well help you kill some dress boredom. Instead  of wearing a mere sweater on your dress shirt and tie on a cold day, you may decide to look more stylish with this look. You’ll be killing some cold too as well.

A fedora hat is also a good addition to the outfit. Don’t forget that only leather or metal strapped watches are suitable to be worn with three piece suits.

If you are scared that it might rain and that your clothe would get wet, take along a handy umbrella. Afterall, it doesn’t tarnish your outfit’s beauty. Studying the pictures in this article, it is obvious that I and the team expected rain the day we had the shoot and then everything fortunately worked well because we had our umbrellas. Isn’t that great?

If you are to go out under the rain, regular bags and briefs should be avoided. A metal framed thick leathered box is a very good option because they are water proof and they don’t spoil from water touching it. So you can always be happy and confident all through your walk under the rain knowing quite well that your papers, documents and other delicate items of yours are safe.

I wore a brown wingtipped pair of shoes made from rugged leather. Thanks to Fabi an Italian designer for the water resistant piece.

For as many as y’all that are in love with very tasteful ties. I chose to knot this one in a style that’s quite different from the regular traditional style. This tie knot style is popularly called “The Prince Albert Tie Knot”

At this juncture, I’ll be giving some important blunders about the three piece suit style you shouldn’t commit.

 Asides looking polished with this piece, its got some limitations too. Never wear this outfit for a job interview. Its a little much for a job interview. In a job interview, confidence looks pretty good, but a three piece outfit is a bit bold and daring.

Wearing this ensemble for a wedding ceremony is so nice but never make a mistake of wearing it to a beach wedding or any other beach ceremony. It’s absurd and sidesplitting.

Last of all, a three piece or 2 piece plus 1 suit is as faultless as it is now in the sense that it is best worn together with a dress shirt and tie even though turtlenecks are now worn more often with the three piece suit. Never replace a dress shirt and tie with a Polo shirt when you want to wear a three piece suit. It will look a little ridiculous too.

Follow  these few tips first and make your three piece suit experience a noteworthy one. (Smiles). Thanks for reading and hope you learnt something new guys. Don’t forget to drop your comments at the comment box below. Bye.

Photography by Replicas Concept.

Directed by Osunsanmi Olugbemi.

Styled by Babalola Jesudara.

The classic man wave.

Selena: I really love you and wish we could get involved in a romantic relationship. 

Tony: Really, but you have a boyfriend,whereas He’s a good friend. I would not want to do this to Elvis

Selena: I know, but… 

Tony: But what? I mean.. what else do you want from a guy. He is outspoken, he is tall and handsome, he even pays your bills.

Selena: Yeah, he takes  care of me and forgets to take care of himself. He always looks unkempt, he smells wack and the worst of it all it that he has a very poor dress sense.

Yeah guys I’m back again. But chill, did y’all  see what she said about her boyfriend. “He has a poor dress sense”. That’s quite serious.

Little things like how you dress count . They determine what people feel about you, they make you stand out too. In this editorial, I’m going 100% classic not swaggy. It is very necessary that sometimes you should dress up all looking classic. It gives you this perfect gentle man presence.

Yeah. You get to be admired everywhere you go wearing a suit. There are times you may just need to obey the rules and not follow trends.

You can still look as stylish as you want when you adhere to fashion rules and etiquettes guiding a particular outfit (like the suit). Though there are some trendy items you can wear that still succumb to rules. An example is the new black and white “Saddled Double Monkstrap shoe with brogues details” he is wearing in the pictures. They are a good material for an Urban Classic Man that you would obviously want to be. The knit necktie is a new trend too. 100% in rules as well. Note that your tie should harmonize the colour of your suit. For example I was wearing a pink and blue knit necktie. Black is a natural colour. You may try a black tie too.

In one of my previous editorial, I talked about the lapel flower. It’s a real good item every man should own. They give a royal touch to your classic look.

A three piece suit can at anytime be converted to what I call “a two piece +1  suit”. That is, the coat and the trouser with the same colour and pattern and then the waist coat with another colour that’s totally different from the others. As far as they comply with the colour match rules, then you are good to go.

An urban classic man takes cognizance of his time piece. They don’t joke with what they wear on their wrists. When wearing a suit avoid watches with rubber straps. You don’t play sports in suit? . You can wear a luxurious full gold or silver coloured watch. Timepieces with leather straps are allowed too.

There have been some controversy about wearing brightly  coloured socks. How and when can I wear them. Don’t I look too playful when I wear them? Well, there is a rule that says that your socks colour should be a complementary colour to the trousers you are wearing, but then it is very boring to do. It has now become one of the few fashion rules that can now be bent. As far as you are not outa place. It is very interesting and pretty to wear a brightly coloured socks at least it gives you some attention. Who doesn’t like attention. Thanks to my pink polka dotted socks?

Before I go, I would not forget to state that you cannot be a perfect classic man if you do not pay attention to your primary looks. Your hair should be looking healthy, well kept and nicely styled. If you cannot keep and maintain a healthy beard, then keep a clean shave. After all you don’t need to be in the beard gang to look classic.

Believe me, you’ve got no RIVALS, your chic still remains yours? if you follow those tips.

Don’t forget to drop your comments and your addition guys. You can also follow my social media pages below.

We are out. Bye✌


Blue suit by Kenneth Cole x Wine suit by x Bespoke “Dara’s snake skin leather penny loafers” shoe by Aries x Black and white bespoke “saddled double monkstrap” shoe with brogues details by @ayotherealme x black bowtie by Peterson Giant x black knit necktie by Paul Smith x grey waist coat by Paul Smith x black waist coat by Curtis x Lailac shirt by Hangoten x white shirt by Curtis x silver watches by Michael kors and Rolex (Geneve Cellini) x Nerd glasses by Thom Browne


Stylist- Babalola Jesudara. Director- Osunsanmi Olugbemi(@_esperanzar). Photographer- Adebiyi Oladotun(@replicas001). Models- Shobowale Ayomide (@ayotherealme) and Babalola Jesudara.