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Hello guys! How was your week? Thank God its weekend already. I couldn’t wait any longer. Well, people have been asking for a “casual outfit” editorial. So I felt the need to do something from the casual world. I called this editorial” My casual side”. In this article, I described a typical casual outfit, I explained why I chose this particular outfit for this article and I shed some light on when and where to wear casual clothes to.

Casual is a dress code that accentuates comfort and personal articulation over presentation, conformity and formality. So when you say you want to go casual, you think comfort first. You should not be planning to look sophisticated at all in a casual outfit. They are divergent. Yeah, you will look dope and cool as usual, but never expect to look as elegant as you will look when wearing some designers tuxedos and all…

When we say casual wears, we are actually not talking about semi formal and informal outfits. They are all three different dress codes. An informal attire is a dress code much more formal than casual wears. 

The popularity of spectator sport in the late 20th century has actually influenced Jeans and T shirt to be the original description of casuals. This duo was usually called “The casual uniform”.

Do you know that outfits worn for manual labour are an example of casual wears? Strange right?. But believe me, I can look exceptional great in a manual labour outfit and y’all would never know what I’m wearing. That’s where the evolvement of fashion has come into play.

In the pictures, I basically wore a very random T shirt and a pair of jeans trousers. They are enough for me to look good. But then, the item tied around my neck is intentional. Yeah, because it is meant to show that a sweater cannot only be worn as a sweater. As you can see, it just perfectly played the role of a muffler.

Coming to the shoes, I had to add some spice to the outfit so I simply replaced the usual sneakers or the regular boots with a pair of white derby shoes. The shoes are as comfortable as a pair of sneakers too. They also fit my jeans trousers nicely.

Sometimes, you may want to take a stroll on a cool evening after a very stressful day. I believe you don’t expect to enjoy a brief evening walk in shirt and tie. A casual outfit would be a best bet.

Your stroll could also be a good prospect to take some selfies you were unable to take earlier in your busy day. Don’t you think so?

I love artwork and I usually get in touch with new drawings and paintings. I go out many weekends all styled casually to see a new painting. Its in my schedule. 

Have a nice weekend guys and if you are in doubt of a good outfit for the weekend, try a casual outfit and thank me later. Bye🤗

Outfit- T shirt by fruitoftheloom x Jeans trousers by Lee x delta derby shoes x Sweater by UKPF designs x glasses by Thom Browne.

Styled by Babalola Jesudara

Directed and photographed by Ayodeji Oke

baseball hats

Versatility of Jackets, Denims and Baseball hats

Hi guys. Hope your week is going good. Thank God the blog finally started and I think we really mean business right? Lol. So what do you guys feel about my first editorial. Well from my editorial’s title I am practically showing how well your denims jacket and trousers and other jackets can be worn. I mean can anyone see the beauty of that lapel flower on that white shirt coupled with the denim trousers. Winks.

Baseball hats and Denim trousers _Dara

I would also not forget to emphasize the versatility of those hats. Yeah.  I mean those baseball hats. I know y’all cannot still see them. But those caps are actually called baseball hats. They were first worn in 1860 by the Brooklyn Excelsiors (a New York baseball team) and since then these caps have actually come to stay. At present, the baseball hats anywhere around the world have now become the most versatile type of caps as they can be worn on many styles. We can even see those caps worn together with corporate shoes.

Denim and its versatility_ 01

Outfit – grey michiko london baseball hat x ray ban shades x cream diamond chinos trousers x giorgio armani triple toned brogues  +  blue blood baseball hat x lapel flower x fred franks white shirt x denim trouser x black asos oxford shoes + denim jacket x denim trouser x puma fenty creepers trainers.

Concept director – Olugbemi Osunsanmi

Stylist – Babalola Jesudara