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SŌ – darafashion x theindigochxld

SŌ is an aristocratic fashion piece that explains heterogeneity, ambidexterity, gumption and audacity so easily in just five pictures.

In the picture above, I see versatility, audacity, rhythm, free will and a bold step. I mean who wears and puts all these together comfortably. Okay that’s really a bold step.

“Be focused in everything you do” they say. This picture above reminds me of how much of a goal getter I am. You want to play this game of fashion, then take distractions off.

I don’t know how photographers do their thing but I see ingenuity in this picture. @theindigochxld made colour compatibility look so easy. I was actually in another realm which I call – The realm of excessively creative fashion.

There’s confidence, strive and self belief in this piece. You have to own those attributes every moment in life.

“No pain no gain” , “No food for a lazy man” I can remember the pains I went through (pretending like I was fine😁) before we could come up with this amazing piece. As a creative, you’d expel so much energy and do a lot of brain works. Life no be beans.

Photography and Creative Directing by @theindigochxld 

What does “BOLD” mean to you?

“What is this guy wearing?” “Is this boy not ashamed of himself?” “He’s just a clown.” “But chill! Is this guy gay?” Those were some words of people that saw me dress some two years back.

“This guy is just too creative mehn”, “I think I can wear this, Dara has worn it before” “Guy you too dey burst brains”, “I have to buy one of those items, it looked good on Dara when he wore it” These are the words of these same people now. Surprised?. It took a lot of consistency, hard work, creativity and above all boldness to have turned the tables around in a space of just two years.

What does it actually mean to be bold? Boldness is relative as what you call bold could be called “normal” by me.

Let me quickly share some very useful tips on how you can dress very boldly and make a statement in whatever you wear.

  1. Learn to manage attention. I don’t know how easy that would be but you just have to learn it as you’d get a lot of people starring when you start your boldness journey.
  2. Boost your confidence. It takes time, don’t rush, build it gradually to a point where you’re okay with people asking unnecessary questions 😊.
  3. Find a style and create a niche around it. For a start, there’s no need to be all over every fashion genre. Stick to one for now and be playful around it.
  4. Take an extra step to pair colours. Learn it. Don’t be a lazy dresser that only centers around shades of only one colour. Be daring my dear.
  5. Lastly on this article, debunk the popular saying “you don’t wear patterns on patterns”. That was never a fashion rule and would never be a fashion rule. That saying was probably introduced by one of those lazy, shy and boring dressers we have out there. Take patterns and prints into consideration, pair them well and trust me, you’d stand out.

Outfit by @darafashionthreads

Photography by @oduologywork

Tureltleneck and it’s adaptability

I find it so weird writing about fashion again because for the past two months, I’ve been writing science related essays😣. Well, I had a major exam. My exam experience?….🤔 Exam periods are the most challenging in my life. That’s a story for another day anyways. I use this medium to appreciate every individual that showed love. God’s gonna shower his blessings on you. Now! Back to business.

This article is gonna open your eyes to the latest and trendiest ways of rocking a turtleneck even if I am focusing on two major looks.

It’s no news that retrospective fashion has been resurfacing nowadays and the vibes have really been going smoothly if I may say. The reintroduction of the turtleneck and kangol caps are examples.

Although every fashion enthusiast has at least a turtleneck piece in his wardrobe and may know how to style it, the very versatile item has undergone a major style update and is now (against fashion rules) used as a perfect replacement for shirts. The turtleneck as against popularly worn in a casual look can now be used in a semi formal outfit or a business meeting kinda outfit. This look below explains this paragraph well and also fits for a first dinner date outfit.

The match between the turtleneck and the trouser pair had to be distorted a little by the black vest. (Vest is another name for Waistcoat). This look couldn’t have been complete without the Kangol cap. I’m not wearing a socks pair because this look is far from “official”.

Y’all can only wear this to your offices if your company doesn’t have strict rules on dressing. After all it’s good to take a break from an “everyday shirt” ritual. Introduce a little flexibility and you’d pass.

The second outfit is a fuse of winter and pizzazz. I had to be a little extra with this look to emphasize the role of the turtleneck in modishness and chic in today’s style.

Unlike those days when it was only perfect for winter, it is also very instrumental in gracefulness and elegance in today’s fashion and style.

For this look, I opted for a Tartan printed kangol cap to fit into a total feel of brown. The suit was a little oversized, so I improvised. Thanks to my 300naira tawny brown rubber belt that not only came to my rescue, but added some spice.

Wearing the turtleneck with a double breasted suit is really classy and trendy too. Some other ways to steal a show with this groovy item includes wearing them with a jeans pair and a leather jacket. (But heat go catch you die for Nigeria). Wearing a turtleneck with a three piece suit is a very suitable replacement for a boring shirt as it will also save you the stress on knotting a tie especially when you’re late for an occasion.

Follow these trend rules above and start to rule your world with your turtleneck game👌


Muse: Babalola Jesudara

Photographers: Odu Abiodun, Ayodeji Oke.

Sick and Tired?

Everyone has always had a way to combat boredom at every phase of their lives. While I was growing, being the only child of my parents, it was pretty tasking for me to kill every bad vibes that came from boredom. You can imagine living a major chunk of your first fifteen years of your life with two grown ups (my parents) who thought the key to keeping me lively was hanging out with me right in our home and giving me every chore to do😭. Deep down I knew I was always waiting for the slightest opportunity to go see my best kids in the neighborhood so I maximized any time I was sent on errands outside the home. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeee😂

Things changed as I grew older. I had learnt how to play the drums at 10 and the keyboard at 14. So at this stage, I had other things that kept me from boredom. I would literally spend every free time playing the keyboard in my room and the drums if I feel the need to leave home to church to rehearse at very free hours. At least I was already old enough to leave home without permission.😊

I grew older and I had new interests again. I started learning how to play video games. I never won a game though and this boy right here was always a champion.

Now at this present stage of my life can y’all guess what I do when boredom comes?🤔. Okay! I CREATE LOOKS IN MY HEAD. strange right?😁.

Like I usually say, consistency is important and it’s a major reason creatives are never short of ideas in fashion and style. Few individuals that are authorities in the fashion industry today have a long time ago gone past just dressing and looking good. They frequently created ideas and various looks from imagination. That’s why they’re rather referred to as creatives and not fashionistas. They are the major trend setters in the sphere. Creatives like Steven Onoja ,Thestyleinfidel and few others have paved the way for younger creatives to be more dauntless in their looks.

I had actualized this look in my head during one of my bored times before putting it into reality. Taking into account the boldness and confidence factor, I fused three different genres to create this look. Take a look at my waist down to my feet, there’s a tone of comportment and classy, my trunk look preaches some sorta playful, daring and berserk. I mean who wears such accessories with a denim jacket. My Kurt Cobain glasses pair gives a wavy feel. What a strange look to pull up in your brain.😣

So in the past one year, this has been my perfect way to kill boredom and it has really been working for me.

 How do you kill boredom?🤔 Scroll down to drop your method in the comment box and let’s have some fun.🤗


Let me tell you a story;

Some years back I pursued a dream of staying relevant in the fashion industry (as y’all know relevance in your field is key). It was rough but overtime I adjusted and I was able to maintain a pace. Three years ago after I already discovered how enthusiastic I was looking good in clothes and a few matching accessories, I stuck to it and immediately developed a style of looking very classic popularly called the classic man style.

Due to the fact that there were so many influence around me basically wearing a shirt, a tie and a well ironed pair of trousers (private school and med school issues). I had no choice than to fall in love with such and other similar outfits. After I started blogging till date most of my blog works if you’ve really being following up have been the classic man kind of editorials. After some time, this style became boring to a lot of people as they were already tired of seeing the same things over again. I had to plan a major breakup at this point. I had to stay away from my beloved style. It wasn’t too easy but I had to learn and with time I discovered some tips that were working for me in my journey into street style. If you’ve been having difficulties blending well into street style, these tips below might be really helpful👇

1.Every piece is important:

For you to create very good street looks, it’s important to know that every of those piece you have can be very useful sooner or later. From this look below, the T shirt I’m wearing was given to me by my mum about 7 years back. I was little those times and couldn’t wear it. I recently joggled through the house, found it and saw it useful for a sport/ baggy look.

2.know your budget: Classic man style is said to be one of the most expensive fashion style which is one of the reasons people say “Fashion is expensive”. Street style is very flexible enough for any fashion enthusiast to cope with. If you cannot afford an expensive sneaker pair, you can buy some other authentic pairs that go for lower prices.


The item that looks like a head gear on my head is a bandana I bought for a hundred and fifty Naira. Jeans and joggers are quite affordable too. They’d make a good piece for your street looks.

3.Adopt the trendy sneakers trick: As a sneaker lover, if you don’t know how to style a sneaker pair you’ve got because there’s nothing to wear it with, you can actually wear them with some other cooperate outfit’s piece you already have. Such combination is actually trendy. (See picture below)

4.Have a black or white outfit piece at your finger tip: Asides being the most natural colours in style today, black or white can add a warm and less controversial feel to your street looks.

You wouldn’t want people to take the first ten minutes they see you to understand your colour match. Lastly,

5.Take a step further: After you’ve learnt the most basic tips and you’re sure they’re working for you, you can therefore take some bolder steps and try out some accessories,

they give your street style look extra spice😉


When we thought the blog was done for the year, something happened🤔. Wait for it

I’m not that short. She’s on heels😂

Something looking like a pre wedding shoot. This was never planned to be Apparently this happened on the 21st of December at the Xmas Chills and Grills. In support of the event, I and the team went together with Her and in the course of taking our usual pictures,

we found out how good they we’re to be called an unplanned pre wedding shoot even if I was looking so dressed down😥.

Unlike her, she was wearing a Beautiful floral printed flowy gown and a pair of peach heels. Isn’t that too gorgeous to say that she dressed down.

But look at me SMH. Anyways there’s a goodnews💃- to finally wrap the year that I thought I had already wrapped up, I’m gonna be teaching exclusively about DRESSING DOWN. It is understood that fashion entails a lot of elegance, sophistication and urbanity, but it also requires that one looks simple and good at right times. That’s where dressing down comes to play. Dressing down has an original meaning of dressing much more informal than normal as you can still look stylish as far as your clothes fit and meet the dress function rule (which explains that you should know when to dress down as well as when to dress up). 

Note: In the art of fashion irrespective of whether you dress up or dress down, Style remains the message to the world.

So straight to today’s topic. When and when not to dress down🤔.

  • A very good time to dress down is on “Dress down day” more commonly called “casual day”. A casual day is a workday during which a business or a firm manager formally relaxes it’s dress code to a particular degree. This is really a good time to maximize the opportunity, dress down and show the world how fashionable you can still be in a dress down outfit. That  would be an amazing day for me.
  • When there’s no dress code for an event that’s not a dinner , it is advisable to dress down. Imagine you’re the only one looking all dressed up and sophisticated in an event where others came dressed down.


The face you give when you find out that you’re the odd one out because you overdressed😂😂

  • Other times to dress down include hangouts with friends and family, shopping, movies, beach, concerts etc.
  • Times never to dress down include working days(Firm/ Business setting), business meetings, dinners and related gatherings as they all have their specific dress codes respectively.

 I hope y’all have learnt something😊.  Don’t forget to drop your feedbacks in the comment box below. I have not forgotten to discuss THE DARAS DIVISIONAL APPROACH TO GENERAL FASHION, it’s gonna be explained in a subsequent editorial. I’m also using this medium to wish readers of darafashion a wonderful Yuletide season with massive blessings. 2018 would be greater. Bye friends and see you next year.

Stylist We styled ourselves

 Makeup by Idowu Queen (@qmakeovers)


So I’m back again after thirty days. Pheeew! My tailor has been disappointing. So sad. Thank God for The Lagos Wardrobe Exhibition that came to the rescue?. I would have been left “editorialess” until further notice lol. Okay if you’re still lost. This is how it worked. TLWE is a fashion show that I had to attend over the weekend. So when the show was at the corner, I improvised since my tailor had already disappointed. Well, guess what I’ve got.

A denim jacket replacing a suit jacket or a blazzer. So I’m wearing  a white shirt with a tie,an ash waistcoat, a blue checkered trousers pair, a denim jacket with a multicoloured lapel flower attached to it and a one leather cut Derby pair. This is a style in between the “casual” and “classic”. I’ll basically call it a “semi casual style”. Semi casual styles don’t usually look like this anyways. But then, for this look (like I sometimes like to do), I was very playful with different items of two fashion genres. That’s one of those creative stunt we talking right here. It’s really lovely when you go beyond what has been seen as “set standards” and create your own style. It’s nothing elaborate to do actually. It just requires you to be bold and extra creative. Doing your own things influenced by your personal ideas makes you even more exceptional.

Lately, there was an argument in my hostel about dressing to standards and general acceptability.  And I was able to deduce vividly that there’ll never be a time you’ll get a 100% yes for an outfit or a style you portray. So I came up with something I’ve called THE DARA’S DIVISIONAL APPROACH TO GENERAL FASHION. Well that’s for another day?. Keep your fingers crossed. I know you don’t wanna miss the new fashion Law I deduced. Basically my point is- Fashion is your own style. Your style is a general expression of you and is influenced by your interests and your level of guts. Yes guts. So I would implore that you feed your guts and try that thing you’ve always wanted to because it is your personal style as a result of your creativity and ideas. Y’all can try this style too cause it’s gonna be lit??.

I will not hesitate to talk about Olugbemi’s outfit too. Like I’ve analysed in a previous editorial, there are times that you’ll just take a break from all them sophisticated outfits.  So my good writer friend Olugbemi is wearing a T shirt, a black pair of trousers and a suit blazzer (yeah it’s okay to improvise). He is also wearing the very trendy rubber belt stylishly and they match his shoes perfectly because such basic rules should not be ruled out too. 

Well, well, a general review of the The Lagos Wardrobe Exhibition 2017 is coming soon on the blog and trust me you don’t wanna miss exclusive pictures from the show as we had top forces in the industry at the talk segment??. The Dara’s Divisional Approach to General Fashion is something you should not miss too on the blog. Also, anticipate some collaborations and giveaways with your favorite fashion brands . Who doesn’t love giveaways? Bye friends. Smiles

Outfits- Denim jacket by Gucci x Waistcoat by Paul Smith x White shirt by Hangoten x Tie by Debenhams x Checkered trousers by Kenzo x Blue Suit jacket by Blackmen x White tees by Primark essentials x Black trousers by D&G x Black Derby shoes by Sebago x Brown Double Monkstrap  Suede boots by Infamous glenn judo x Silver watch by Rolex Geneve Cellini  x Wine watch by Sekonda x Glasses by Thom Browne


Yo! So I’m back and trust me the man’s not hot but this article is (if you know you know. lol). How did y’all spend your short breaks. Mine was interesting as I had so many events I attended. So a friend of mine in school got a new camera and we decided to have a freestyle session together in the course of the gadget’s launch. We had fun and we were able to create something epic.

The inspiration behind the concept of this editorial came from my just acquired pair of photochromic glasses and my  colourful sweater I wore for the shoot. Isn’t that lovely.

Photochromic literally means an ability to change colours in the presence or absence of sunlight. In this editorial we gonna go back to basic rules of matching colours in a course to bring out our perfect photochromic abilities.

Colour matching is one of the major challenges in getting an outfit right. Questions like ” can I wear this tie on this shirt”, “can I combine these two colours together”,  “does this blazer match rightly with this trouser’s colour ” etc. won’t stop popping up in our heads until there’s a knowledge of basic matching rules. With these seven tips below, I can assure you a distinction in colour matching.

Follow the one colour trick: Wear one colour and keep the rest of the outfit neutral. That is, you might want to wear a brightly coloured shirt and you have a problem of what colour of trousers to wear with it, try a natural colour like the black. It saves all the stress. A white shirt goes with everything as it can be a saver when you’re doubting what shirt colour to wear. Grey is another natural colour that can help you dull down too brightly coloured clothes. You can try it too.

Let family items connect and match: Match jewelry and metal strapped watches together. Let your shoes and your belt match (one of the most basic men’s fashion rule). You can also try matching your leather strapped watch with your shoes too.

Work with different shades of the same colour: Colours that are similar always look good. An example is the red and pink. You can carry out an ombres test on Google to see shades of a colour you’re in doubt of. From what I wore for this editorial, the cream colour on the sweater is a slightly darker shade of the cream colour on the trouser pair.

Let a print be your guide: This is one of the simplest steps to follow. Pick a print from your wardrobe (as your outfit would be too clumsy with too many different prints in it) and then break the prints into its different colours and make an outfit from one or more of the different colours and you are good to go. In the picture below, the printed item on that look is the vintage shirt. The cream trouser is related to a colour on the shirt.

Use a colour wheel: Using a colour wheel to find complimentary colours can be really great too as opposite colours really look great together. A colour’s complimentary colour is found directly opposite it at the same spot on the opposite side.

Colours can also work well with other colours directly opposite it that are not on the same spot.

Match your skin tone: Dark skins like mine naturally look better on bright colours and vice versa.

Lastly I’ll say

When you’re in total doubt, go monochrome: A black and white outfit is a good option when there are still doubts in matching colours. Like I analysed earlier, black and white are two colours that suit everything.

I hope with these few tips I have dished out, problems of colour matching and mixing have been solved. You can drop your comments and add more tips in the comment box below guys (scroll down). Don’t forget to follow my social media handles too for more beautiful pictures and feeds (scroll down).

Photography- Pictures taken by @oduologyworks. Black and white picture (an extract from a previous editorial titled “The blacks and white of Black and White”) was taken by Replicas concept.

Outfit- Photochromic glasses by Rayban x Sweater by Qingdao Mingren Hai x Shirt by Boramae x Trousers pair by England Junior collegiate wears x Derby Shoes by Sebago.

Stylist- Babalola Jesudara.


Hello guys! How was your week? Thank God its weekend already. I couldn’t wait any longer. Well, people have been asking for a “casual outfit” editorial. So I felt the need to do something from the casual world. I called this editorial” My casual side”. In this article, I described a typical casual outfit, I explained why I chose this particular outfit for this article and I shed some light on when and where to wear casual clothes to.

Casual is a dress code that accentuates comfort and personal articulation over presentation, conformity and formality. So when you say you want to go casual, you think comfort first. You should not be planning to look sophisticated at all in a casual outfit. They are divergent. Yeah, you will look dope and cool as usual, but never expect to look as elegant as you will look when wearing some designers tuxedos and all…

When we say casual wears, we are actually not talking about semi formal and informal outfits. They are all three different dress codes. An informal attire is a dress code much more formal than casual wears. 

The popularity of spectator sport in the late 20th century has actually influenced Jeans and T shirt to be the original description of casuals. This duo was usually called “The casual uniform”.

Do you know that outfits worn for manual labour are an example of casual wears? Strange right?. But believe me, I can look exceptional great in a manual labour outfit and y’all would never know what I’m wearing. That’s where the evolvement of fashion has come into play.

In the pictures, I basically wore a very random T shirt and a pair of jeans trousers. They are enough for me to look good. But then, the item tied around my neck is intentional. Yeah, because it is meant to show that a sweater cannot only be worn as a sweater. As you can see, it just perfectly played the role of a muffler.

Coming to the shoes, I had to add some spice to the outfit so I simply replaced the usual sneakers or the regular boots with a pair of white derby shoes. The shoes are as comfortable as a pair of sneakers too. They also fit my jeans trousers nicely.

Sometimes, you may want to take a stroll on a cool evening after a very stressful day. I believe you don’t expect to enjoy a brief evening walk in shirt and tie. A casual outfit would be a best bet.

Your stroll could also be a good prospect to take some selfies you were unable to take earlier in your busy day. Don’t you think so?

I love artwork and I usually get in touch with new drawings and paintings. I go out many weekends all styled casually to see a new painting. Its in my schedule. 

Have a nice weekend guys and if you are in doubt of a good outfit for the weekend, try a casual outfit and thank me later. Bye?

Outfit- T shirt by fruitoftheloom x Jeans trousers by Lee x delta derby shoes x Sweater by UKPF designs x glasses by Thom Browne.

Styled by Babalola Jesudara

Directed and photographed by Ayodeji Oke

baseball hats

Versatility of Jackets, Denims and Baseball hats

Hi guys. Hope your week is going good. Thank God the blog finally started and I think we really mean business right? Lol. So what do you guys feel about my first editorial. Well from my editorial’s title I am practically showing how well your denims jacket and trousers and other jackets can be worn. I mean can anyone see the beauty of that lapel flower on that white shirt coupled with the denim trousers. Winks.

Baseball hats and Denim trousers _Dara

I would also not forget to emphasize the versatility of those hats. Yeah.  I mean those baseball hats. I know y’all cannot still see them. But those caps are actually called baseball hats. They were first worn in 1860 by the Brooklyn Excelsiors (a New York baseball team) and since then these caps have actually come to stay. At present, the baseball hats anywhere around the world have now become the most versatile type of caps as they can be worn on many styles. We can even see those caps worn together with corporate shoes.

Denim and its versatility_ 01

Outfit – grey michiko london baseball hat x ray ban shades x cream diamond chinos trousers x giorgio armani triple toned brogues  +  blue blood baseball hat x lapel flower x fred franks white shirt x denim trouser x black asos oxford shoes + denim jacket x denim trouser x puma fenty creepers trainers.

Concept director – Olugbemi Osunsanmi

Stylist – Babalola Jesudara