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Hi lovely friends! 2017 could never be as amazing as it was without y’all.  I say a big thanks for making it as splendid as you’re. This year’s gonna be bigger and better for us all as many brands would be collaborating with the blog this year. And guess what friends! Darafashion is gonna be a year older this year.

Who’s excited💃😊

In one of my previous editorials, I said and I quote “There was an argument in my hostel about dressing to standards and general acceptability. And I was able to deduce vividly that there’ll never be a time you’ll get a 100% for an outfit or a style you portray. So I came up with something I’ve called DARA’S DIVISIONAL APPROACH TO GENERAL FASHION ” This new fashion law I proposed elucidates the three divisions of general fashion and how they supersede each other.

DARA’S DIVISIONAL APPROACH TO GENERAL FASHION states that General fashion is divided into three which are Fashion rules, Fashion trends and Personal style and each of the latter supersedes the former.

I’ll explain😎😂

First of all, Fashion rules are like theories and laws proposed a long time ago. They were proposed to guide people into the so called “right paths of dressing well”. Fashion rules are really limiting and less flexible as they are now seen as old fashioned.

Fashion trends are styles that are in vogue at a particular point in time. Trends are usually initiated by so many factors an example is weather and season. 

Personal style is as simple as it sounds . I mean it’s your own fashion. It is not influenced by rules and trends. Personal style is independent as it most times disobeys fashion

The “I dont care” look I give after I break fashion rules

Trends sometimes break rules and eventually cause some styles to be generally chosen over fashion rules. 

How I walk confidently when I know what I’m wearing is trendy even if it doesn’t obey fashion rules💁

 For instance, fashion rules command that wearing a Three pieces suit comes complete when one wears a pair of socks with ones shoes as it defines one as a complete classic man, but considering the supremacy factor in the law proposed earlier, It is now really trendy to wear such outfits without a pair of socks especially with loafer shoes.

I wore a pair of socks anyways

The application of personal style into an outfit makes it really comfortable for me to wear a pair of black patent leather shoes and also wear a bag made in normal leather, even if fashion rules have once said that your bag and shoes should match in colour and pattern. Thanks to the supremacy factor.

The bag says it all

Being a lover of rings and other adorable accessories as a part of my personal style also permits me to break a rule that says “Ensure little or no accessories  to avoid clumsiness” and wear them happily together with my outfits.

Accessory game on fleek

Personal style sometimes transform into trends when they’re generally accepted by a number of people. This then makes you a Style influencer.

How you smile when you sight a trend that you started
And then for the first time in your life, you feel like a style influencer😂
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Outfit – Glasses by Rayban x blazzer by Kenneth Cole x waistcoat by Paul Smith x  White shirt by Whitewood England x Ties by Lasumsa x Trousers by Blackmen x Wristwatch by Superior watches x Rings from Jumia Fashion x Loafer shoes by Gucci x Bag from an Okirika outlet in Eko Idumota Market Lagos.

Photography By Odu Abiodun @oduologyworks

Stylist/Creative director – Babalola Jesudara

Models – Akinboboola-Cole Sharon, Babalola Jesudara

Project contributor – Faniyi Oluwatobi.

Accessories and creativity – the incorporation of animal characters.

Editions of fashion articles over the years have shown that there have been a rise in the use of brooches, collar chains, collar pins and the rest. These items create well appreciated details. They have more distinctive features compared to the regular lapel flowers. Brooches and collar chains are jewelries that are made from professional metal works. They have been made to fit into a good number of styles. Collar chains are now seen worn on jean jackets. Fashion has evolved so much that creativity is now consulted and amalgamated in it  much more than before. There is usually a trace of art and inventiveness in almost everything that is worn today. It only takes a creative mind to design a regular brooch in the form of a  Deer’s head.

After I discovered that I had so many animal characters in my wardrobe, I commended the good ideas from designer of these items. They are actually very ingenious. And I saw it neccessary to write an editorial on accessories and animal characters. Look at the blue dog printed tie and the deer head collar chain too. They are really nice.

Personally, when I wear such items, I appear very stylish and less conventional. When you are artistically styled, you get commended and then your confidence level rises. You’ll now feel like a king that you really are.

Some people have been asking me about how best to style accessories such as the collar chains, brooches, and collar pins. Honestly, there is no best way to rock such items, rather there are many good ways to wear them. A brooch can be worn in place of a lapel flower on either sides or alongside a lapel flower on the right side of a suit jacket. It can also be worn around the top pocket of your blazer and tuxedos. A silver or gold coloured with maybe faux pearls or diamete will be good to be worn on darker tuxedos.

If you are a party type, you may want to consider a funky brooch that would be especially seen in the dark. You may love to wear a brooch with your outfit for a date, why not let your outfit tell a little story about some of your personal interests. I can be a lover of birds as a pet. Wearing an accessory that has a bird carved or drawn on it is quite interesting. It makes the date night more fun because it gives u more to talk about with your date?. Trust me and try it.

Collar chains are another versatile accessory. In as much as they are worn conventionally on the collar of your shirt, they can also take the place of a brooch. It depends on how well you wear them. Like I said, its all about being creative.

Outfit – Jacket by Mazzaro x Shirt by hangoten x shoes by Sebago x Collar chain and Brooch by Farfetch

Directed by Babalola Jesudara

Photography by Replicas concept.