Tureltleneck and it’s adaptability

I find it so weird writing about fashion again because for the past two months, I’ve been writing science related essays😣. Well, I had a major exam. My exam experience?….🤔 Exam periods are the most challenging in my life. That’s a story for another day anyways. I use this medium to appreciate every individual that showed love. God’s gonna shower his blessings on you. Now! Back to business.

This article is gonna open your eyes to the latest and trendiest ways of rocking a turtleneck even if I am focusing on two major looks.

It’s no news that retrospective fashion has been resurfacing nowadays and the vibes have really been going smoothly if I may say. The reintroduction of the turtleneck and kangol caps are examples.

Although every fashion enthusiast has at least a turtleneck piece in his wardrobe and may know how to style it, the very versatile item has undergone a major style update and is now (against fashion rules) used as a perfect replacement for shirts. The turtleneck as against popularly worn in a casual look can now be used in a semi formal outfit or a business meeting kinda outfit. This look below explains this paragraph well and also fits for a first dinner date outfit.

The match between the turtleneck and the trouser pair had to be distorted a little by the black vest. (Vest is another name for Waistcoat). This look couldn’t have been complete without the Kangol cap. I’m not wearing a socks pair because this look is far from “official”.

Y’all can only wear this to your offices if your company doesn’t have strict rules on dressing. After all it’s good to take a break from an “everyday shirt” ritual. Introduce a little flexibility and you’d pass.

The second outfit is a fuse of winter and pizzazz. I had to be a little extra with this look to emphasize the role of the turtleneck in modishness and chic in today’s style.

Unlike those days when it was only perfect for winter, it is also very instrumental in gracefulness and elegance in today’s fashion and style.

For this look, I opted for a Tartan printed kangol cap to fit into a total feel of brown. The suit was a little oversized, so I improvised. Thanks to my 300naira tawny brown rubber belt that not only came to my rescue, but added some spice.

Wearing the turtleneck with a double breasted suit is really classy and trendy too. Some other ways to steal a show with this groovy item includes wearing them with a jeans pair and a leather jacket. (But heat go catch you die for Nigeria). Wearing a turtleneck with a three piece suit is a very suitable replacement for a boring shirt as it will also save you the stress on knotting a tie especially when you’re late for an occasion.

Follow these trend rules above and start to rule your world with your turtleneck game👌


Muse: Babalola Jesudara

Photographers: Odu Abiodun, Ayodeji Oke.