Promo! Wear Kente now or never.

Student 1: Won’t you pull off this dress?🤔 You’ve been wearing it since day break.

Student 2: Everyone has just been wearing Kente lately on this campus. Is that the new trend?

Student 3: I’ve not pulled off my Kente dress since morning. I just feel so comfortable in it and abeg I no fit spoil my shine. Let me still wear it small. Kente is actually the new trend my dear😉.

Kente is also known as Nwentom in Akan. The trendy piece is a mixture of silk and cotton and is a native of a Ghanaian tribe called Akan. In other words Kente originates from Ghana making it one of the very few African prints that are actually made in Africa.

From history, asides the Akan tribe, Kente clothes were also worn and made by some other Ghanaian tribes some years after it first surfaced. Kente can be traced back to kingship and royalty as it was worn in times of importance. It was the clothe of kings. So therefore Kente is directly proportional to royalty. You can now see why student 3 wears her kente clothes all around?

Kente that has been worn the most ever in about the last decade has transformed so greatly from purely traditional to different styles. It is evident from pictures on this editorial that Kente has actually followed trends of new age fashion. Its relevance in today’s fashion has come to stay. I can wear an outfit that has a Kente detail for virtually any occasion. Name it. Is it a birthday party or a business meeting, a hangout with friends or even a class at school? etc. Thanks to PEACH N PRIM WEARS that’s brought so much innovation to the fashion industry using the Kente fabrics. “Peach n prim wears” is a fashion line that has created a niche in making magic with Kente fabrics. Looking at the few outfits on this editorial it is so obvious that creativity is preached.

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Outfit by Peach N Prim Wears

Photographed and directed by Ayodele Oke