Sometimes back on the blog, I wrote and I quote ” African prints are actually not “African prints”. They are European made textiles that Africans have adopted to be thiers”

AFROCENTRISM OR EUROCENTRISM is a fashion editorial that discusses the influence of both the African and European culture on fashion and style.

According to Wikipedia, Afrocentrism is a cultural ideology that focuses on the history of black Africa. Afrocentrism in layman’s language refers to identifying with black culture, their style, cultural practices, and even their fashion.

From history till date. It’s no more news that the black race is rich in every facet and has one of the most distinctive culture of which obviously reflect in their style of dressing. It’s also stale that over the years our African style has been in one way or the other getting diluted. All in the name of what we most times refer to as “urbanization

Eurocentrism on the other hand is a worldview centered on or tendentious towards western acculturation. This type of centrism focuses on only Europe. When Eurocentrism is applied to history, it talks about an attritional stance towards European colonialism and other forms of economic expansion (kind of complicated right?). The colonial nature of Eurocentrism that has been from times past is still eating into new age. It has actually totally or almost totally influenced many types of centrism, an example is the Afrocentrism.

African culture which has boasted to be rich has actually been influenced away from it’s unorthodoxy. The western style has come to be a part of it as there’s usually a touch of “western” . Many at times it’s called urbanization but from a personal view I’ll call it “Dilution of Afrocentrism” But it’s all good anyways.

From our outfits for this editorial, you can actually agree to what I said earlier. Let’s analyse. The BERETS actually have a strong European history. Mass production of berets started far back in the 19th century in France and Spain.

They were manufactured in mass for Military use in the 1880s. Berets were transformed to sportwears around 1920s through a process influenced by “western fashion”. They were finally worn as fashion statements some years after.

Our ANKARA trousers are examples of what have been named “African prints” but as said earlier, studies have shown that African prints are an adopted type of clothing that is produced in European countries. That’s dilution in another way.

The way Ankaras are worn nowadays is a different ball game. Shirts are worn together with African printed trousers and can even be made from African prints. Hoodies, jackets, bags and even shoes now have African prints on them. That’s positive and creative urbanization.

Urbanization as we all know is a gradual revolution in style and approach, which is one reason why fashion and style revolves too. An average Lagos boy want to flow with the new trends. He wants to do it the Western way.

What does having full beards mean to you🤔? Personally, when I see beards, I see a “want to fit in”. Every average guy wants to look like what’s in vogue even if he’s not doing it right. Some have even forgotten that there are governing factors.

All they care about is just to have a beard. (PS: if you’re in this group of people, you’ll end up like me with scanty beards😁). All these are due to a direct influence of trends which is somehow influenced by urbanization.

In culmination, both Afrocentrism and Eurocentrism have major roles to play in today’s fashion. I’ll encourage that eurocentrism should not be allowed to push Afrocentrism into extinction or gradual obsolescence as long as we want the rich culture we possess as Africans to stay. Gracias.

Outfit- White shirts by Honour British and Whitewood, England X Yellow Pallazo by Babalola Jesudara X Glasses by Thom Browne

Photographed and directed by Odu Abiodun.

Styled by Babalola Jesudara.

Models Adewunmi Oluwafemi, Babalola Jesudara.