Fitness, Sports and Style.

Tunde:Dara baba🙌
Me:Wassup G
Tunde:Baba mi na you o
Me:(Smiles) Ah tunde boss no dey whine me. I be your boy o
Tunde:I was even gonna ask. I was told that one must be built and must have all those biceps, triceps and abs protuding for one to look perfectly fashionable and attractive in those clothes we wear. How true is that?
(And I’m like 🙆)

Me: Well, I’ll say it’s not exactly true. The most important thing is keeping fit which doesn’t necessarily mean one has all of ones abs protruding. It simply demands that you’re in good health and shape.


FITNESS, SPORTS and STYLE is a fashion editorial that explains the importance of these three terms to each other. It talks about how fitness and sports have generally affected and influenced fashion and style. Being fit cannot be overemphasized as it is very necessary to your style. You may now ask. How do I know I’m fit?

See my abs😂
  • Your body composition can give you an idea. Body composition is the relative amount of fats, bones and muscles.Body composition actually gives a more appropriate clue to fitness than just body weight or the presence of visible abs, biceps and triceps.
  • Muscular endurance, flexibility, strength, cardio respiratory endurance are some other ways to know your fitness level.

Keeping fit is achieved by regular exercises and the right meals.

Playing sports is a major way of exercising your body to keep fit. It’s often said that sports and fitness work hand in hand.

Sportswears that were originally called activewears are clothings including footwears and other sport accessories worn for sports or physical exercise. Each sports or activity has “sport specific” clothing worn for them for practical and comfort reasons. For example a basketball kit is different from a football kit.

Since the early 1930s, Sportswears have been employed into day and evening fashion of innumerable extent of formality and still remaining apt for a wide range of social activities. It therefore now seems inappropriate for a sportswear to be synonymous with an activewear.             Unlike the sportswears nowadays, activewears are designed strictly for for participants in sporting quests.

Sportswears like the gym gear, head bands, shorts, sports time pieces, leggings (for the ladies), polo shirts nowadays are seen worn into social gathering. They’ve been taken a step ahead to be worn in very fashionable manners.

At this point, I don’t know who the influencer actually is. Sports or Fashion. Lol.

For this editorial, I’m wearing an Adidas track suit

with a Balenciaga fashion sneakers pair,

the Balenciaga Triple S which dominated the luxury sneakers category in 2017. It was highest selling and most popular sneakers in 2017 (see what fashion has caused). Balenciaga is a luxury fashion house founded by Cristobal Balenciaga who was once referred to as “the master of us all” by popular Christian Dior. Designers of these outfits have such great skill of easily connecting the sports and fashion world together.

I wore a head warmer of which together with tracksuits were originally used for track events. But nowadays its not a bad idea to wear it as a fashion outfit.

photographed and directed by Odu Abiodun.

project contributor – Fuad Ajayi.