When we thought the blog was done for the year, something happened🤔. Wait for it

I’m not that short. She’s on heels😂

Something looking like a pre wedding shoot. This was never planned to be Apparently this happened on the 21st of December at the Xmas Chills and Grills. In support of the event, I and the team went together with Her and in the course of taking our usual pictures,

we found out how good they we’re to be called an unplanned pre wedding shoot even if I was looking so dressed down😥.

Unlike her, she was wearing a Beautiful floral printed flowy gown and a pair of peach heels. Isn’t that too gorgeous to say that she dressed down.

But look at me SMH. Anyways there’s a goodnews💃- to finally wrap the year that I thought I had already wrapped up, I’m gonna be teaching exclusively about DRESSING DOWN. It is understood that fashion entails a lot of elegance, sophistication and urbanity, but it also requires that one looks simple and good at right times. That’s where dressing down comes to play. Dressing down has an original meaning of dressing much more informal than normal as you can still look stylish as far as your clothes fit and meet the dress function rule (which explains that you should know when to dress down as well as when to dress up). 

Note: In the art of fashion irrespective of whether you dress up or dress down, Style remains the message to the world.

So straight to today’s topic. When and when not to dress down🤔.

  • A very good time to dress down is on “Dress down day” more commonly called “casual day”. A casual day is a workday during which a business or a firm manager formally relaxes it’s dress code to a particular degree. This is really a good time to maximize the opportunity, dress down and show the world how fashionable you can still be in a dress down outfit. That  would be an amazing day for me.
  • When there’s no dress code for an event that’s not a dinner , it is advisable to dress down. Imagine you’re the only one looking all dressed up and sophisticated in an event where others came dressed down.


The face you give when you find out that you’re the odd one out because you overdressed😂😂

  • Other times to dress down include hangouts with friends and family, shopping, movies, beach, concerts etc.
  • Times never to dress down include working days(Firm/ Business setting), business meetings, dinners and related gatherings as they all have their specific dress codes respectively.

 I hope y’all have learnt something😊.  Don’t forget to drop your feedbacks in the comment box below. I have not forgotten to discuss THE DARAS DIVISIONAL APPROACH TO GENERAL FASHION, it’s gonna be explained in a subsequent editorial. I’m also using this medium to wish readers of darafashion a wonderful Yuletide season with massive blessings. 2018 would be greater. Bye friends and see you next year.

Stylist We styled ourselves

 Makeup by Idowu Queen (@qmakeovers)