So I was one time talking on my Instagram about what I wore to my last school’s dinner party and I promised that I was gonna do an editorial on it. Well, here it comes guys. In this editorial, we gonna be analysing two things. We’ll be considering what I wore and secondly I’ll be briefly explaining what and what not to wear for a dinner party. I hope y’all enjoy it.

This outfit was actually floral and jewelry inspired. The cream dinner jacket aka Tuxedo is made from 100% wool. It’s got some very lovely light floral prints designs on it too.

The bow tie brooch have been in existence for a while now and are a very good replacement for regular bow ties and neck ties. They also come in different colours, shapes and designs. I played a very bold game of using another brooch on the lapel together with the bow tie brooch. At times, one might look very busy in ones outfit with too many accessories worn. But then, I think this particular combination of accessories is a good example of a not too clumsy tuxedo worn with accessories.

In this outfit was a waist band. Yeah! Waist bands are not only used by ladies and not only for the purpose of waist training, they are also worn together with tuxedos.

After all they speak elegance and class. For this outfit, the waist band and the bow tie brooch were made to complement each other in their colours. They are not the same colour, but have really related colours which is a good composition for this outfit.

Asides for the sake of pictorial explanation of outfits on the various editorials, basic men’s style rules have it that ones blazer, tuxedo, suit jacket is always buttoned while standing. It makes you look smarter.

At this juncture, I’ll be running through how and how not to look for a dinner party.

Apart from going out looking all stylish with an outfit like this one for a dinner, a Black tie dress code is now like the most standard and formal attire for men to wear for social gatherings. A suit jacket and jeans look is not a bad idea too. Though it’s less common in an African setting. Lately, traditional attires like the Agbada, Dansiki etc have been spotted in dinner parties. They are cool too because they are trendy and are gradually becoming accepted for such purpose. Most importantly, it’s very necessary to avoid clothes like vintage shirts, track suits, leather jackets or just a mere T-shirt and similar items. They are just annoyingly funny when they are spotted on you in such occasions like a dinner party. They won’t speak so nice of a gentleman that you are that knows the rules of the game and follow them obsequiously. Y’all can drop your comment and contribution in the comment box below and don’t also forget to follow our social media pages below too. Thanks for reading.

Outfit review – Floral printed cotton tuxedo and Black pants by Blackstar x Triple toned Derby with brogues details by Giorgio Armani x Brooches by Farfetch x Waist band by Tie Rack x Watch by Michael Kors x Signature glasses by Thom Browne.

Styled by  Babalola Jesudara

Directed by Osunsanmi Olugbemi

Photography by Replicas Concept