YES! DENIM IS AMAZING – ft Theadunniade.

Hello friends! I’ve missed y’all? and I know you miss me too. It’s been over a week that I updated the blog. Well, well today I’m not just posting, I’m introducing some female fashion tips right here. Isn’t that lovely? And guess what guys! ? Darafashion is featuring popular lifestyle blogger on this one – Theadunniade, because she’s got style and sauce. Lol.

This editorial is an interesting one and I’m sure the pictures can tell. As we all know, denims are really trendy and are worn by almost everyone that wears clothes. Note that denims are not just blue jeans jackets. A denim is a sturdy cotton twill fabric used for jeans, overalls, and other clothing. A jean is just a clothe made from denim material. Jeans are usually blue. All denims are not jeans but all jeans are made from denim. So in summary, a denim is a material used to make jeans. That’s a new insight  there right?

Denims are like the easiest clothes to style in. They can be sewn and worn as anything from jackets, overalls, suits, bags, trousers and even shoes. That’s how trendy denims are. Wearing denim is real fun and every denim lover is definitely a fun lover like us?

From the pictures, I styled in just one denim piece which is the pair of trousers. And then I wore a royal blue armless top to compliment the pair of trousers. Denims are just that easy to style. I also wore the very trendy Kurt Cobain Sunglasses together with a black half cap. I didn’t wear a sneakers because of how denims are really flexible with shoes and footwear’s. I used a pair of  Sebago Derby Shoes instead.

Apart from the very regular female denim styles like the denim on denim, denim jacket on black pants on a trendy sport shoe, Theadunniade chose to do it in her own way. She created her own style on this one and she killed it. She simply converted her baggy denim jacket into a dress. She’s probably bringing the baggy style alive again. She also dissed the very common sneakers look and went for something less customary for a normal playful and lively day. She wore a pair of Suede Winter Boots. To be honest, winter boots for ladies are really hard to style. A good majority of them out there are just  plain ugly making it a thorny task to style in them and look great. A denim jacket is one very item that goes well with the Seude winter boots for ladies. This only happens perfectly if your denim outfit is not clumsy.

So yes, lest I forget, you must have been seeing this sunglasses all around. They are known as Kurt Cobain sunglasses

It’s always very important to have a little knowledge about things you wear. Kurt Donald Cobain (1967 – 1994) was a musician, songwriter, guitarist and visual artist. This ’90s – style white oval sunglasses that were originally made for women was his signature identifier and they originated from Christian Roth’s 6558 series.

Putting together just the right accessories and items would give you that bold YES to your denim outfit.

You can now be rest assured of a playful and slayful day.

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Styled by Babalola Jesudara

Special feature  @Theadunniade 

Makeup by @mojoke__

Directed by Osunsanmi Olugbemi.

Photography by Replicas Concepts.