A ghetto is an area of a city lived in by a minority group, especially a run down and densely populated area lived in by a group that experiences some kind of social or economic restrictions, pressure and hardship. Ghetto was originally used in Venice to describe the part of the city to which Jews were hampered and ghettoized. But the term has since been applied. In the world today, almost every developed country still has at least one ghetto. That’s not much of a surprise though.

Well, before I continue, let me describe the concept of this editorial. The ghetto project is an initiative I developed with the team in celebration of my birthday that’s around the corner. That’s good news right?. This project was carried out to give a synopsis of lifestyle in a ghetto. Its like a form of appreciation and commendation for the struggle of every individual that dwells in a ghetto. This is not a regular fashion editorial, its more of a lifestyle thing.

Carefully considering a ghetto, you will agree with me that life is not easy here. There are obvious features of a ghetto lifestyle, many of which are not palatable at all. I can categorically call it a naturally occuring vintage and outmoded life existing in a new age that we are in now. Look at the quality of the buildings. The old and archaic structures found in here. The ill hygiene is alarming.

A ghetto inhabitant never allows all those determine his joy instead he keeps pushing and struggling for something more deserving.

A ghetto boy puts up little or no smile because of the kind of life he is subjected to live. All he is interested in is an improved life.

At a point of his life, he is made to enjoy life the way it appears to him (still clamouring for a better life beneath). He is now left in the impasse of choosing whether to stay with his present situation or pursue that comfortable life that he wished he had. He is left in between two thoughts

Grown ups here compulsorily (in any way) have to fend for a very large family of theirs . It’s really hard to believe that some families of maybe seven kids live on only one aged and anemic bike. It’s really that bad.

Shoutout goes to every young boy in the hood that have been left alone at an early age to nurture their dreams without assistance and encouragement from anywhere. Just keep your dreams and ambition alive and nurtured in any way it can. It will pay off one day.

Today in the world, there are so many styles, from fashion to art, culture, literature etc. that have now naturally identified with the ghetto life. An example is the ripped jeans trend. Asides being popular in the late 1980s during the hard rock/ heavy metal era, ripped jeans have had a root from some very old ghettos. They were actually distressed jeans and were not intentionally ripped unlike the trendy ones we have today.

Personally, I think the ghetto lifestyle has gradually grown into a brand of its own and will always be appreciated by an average country man. What do you all think guys. Kindly drop your feedbacks in the comment box below.

Outfit – T-shirt by Super gold polo x Distressed jeans by Lee x Moccasins by Dockside Sebago x timepiece by Chanel.

Photographer – Replicas Concept

Director – Osunsanmi Olugbemi

Stylist and writer – Babalola Jesudara