A good replacement for your sweaters and cardigans.

Hi  friends! Today on the blog I’m gonna be talking about what I call a “2 piece plus 1 suit” as a perfect replacement for your cardigans and sweaters. I would be giving some important style tips too. In one of my previous editorials, I described a 2 piece plus 1 suit as a type of suit that has the jacket and the pair of trousers with the same colour and the waist coat as a different colour that still matches the other two.

Three piece suits generally have catered for so many fashion and style necessities today and have now become my best replacements for cardigans and sweaters in a cold weather. Inasmuch as a three piece suit would be a very good option for dinners, weddings, business and office presentations etc. This suit style can as well help you kill some dress boredom. Instead  of wearing a mere sweater on your dress shirt and tie on a cold day, you may decide to look more stylish with this look. You’ll be killing some cold too as well.

A fedora hat is also a good addition to the outfit. Don’t forget that only leather or metal strapped watches are suitable to be worn with three piece suits.

If you are scared that it might rain and that your clothe would get wet, take along a handy umbrella. Afterall, it doesn’t tarnish your outfit’s beauty. Studying the pictures in this article, it is obvious that I and the team expected rain the day we had the shoot and then everything fortunately worked well because we had our umbrellas. Isn’t that great?

If you are to go out under the rain, regular bags and briefs should be avoided. A metal framed thick leathered box is a very good option because they are water proof and they don’t spoil from water touching it. So you can always be happy and confident all through your walk under the rain knowing quite well that your papers, documents and other delicate items of yours are safe.

I wore a brown wingtipped pair of shoes made from rugged leather. Thanks to Fabi an Italian designer for the water resistant piece.

For as many as y’all that are in love with very tasteful ties. I chose to knot this one in a style that’s quite different from the regular traditional style. This tie knot style is popularly called “The Prince Albert Tie Knot”

At this juncture, I’ll be giving some important blunders about the three piece suit style you shouldn’t commit.

 Asides looking polished with this piece, its got some limitations too. Never wear this outfit for a job interview. Its a little much for a job interview. In a job interview, confidence looks pretty good, but a three piece outfit is a bit bold and daring.

Wearing this ensemble for a wedding ceremony is so nice but never make a mistake of wearing it to a beach wedding or any other beach ceremony. It’s absurd and sidesplitting.

Last of all, a three piece or 2 piece plus 1 suit is as faultless as it is now in the sense that it is best worn together with a dress shirt and tie even though turtlenecks are now worn more often with the three piece suit. Never replace a dress shirt and tie with a Polo shirt when you want to wear a three piece suit. It will look a little ridiculous too.

Follow  these few tips first and make your three piece suit experience a noteworthy one. (Smiles). Thanks for reading and hope you learnt something new guys. Don’t forget to drop your comments at the comment box below. Bye.

Photography by Replicas Concept.

Directed by Osunsanmi Olugbemi.

Styled by Babalola Jesudara.