The classic man wave.

Selena: I really love you and wish we could get involved in a romantic relationship. 

Tony: Really, but you have a boyfriend,whereas He’s a good friend. I would not want to do this to Elvis

Selena: I know, but… 

Tony: But what? I mean.. what else do you want from a guy. He is outspoken, he is tall and handsome, he even pays your bills.

Selena: Yeah, he takes  care of me and forgets to take care of himself. He always looks unkempt, he smells wack and the worst of it all it that he has a very poor dress sense.

Yeah guys I’m back again. But chill, did y’all  see what she said about her boyfriend. “He has a poor dress sense”. That’s quite serious.

Little things like how you dress count . They determine what people feel about you, they make you stand out too. In this editorial, I’m going 100% classic not swaggy. It is very necessary that sometimes you should dress up all looking classic. It gives you this perfect gentle man presence.

Yeah. You get to be admired everywhere you go wearing a suit. There are times you may just need to obey the rules and not follow trends.

You can still look as stylish as you want when you adhere to fashion rules and etiquettes guiding a particular outfit (like the suit). Though there are some trendy items you can wear that still succumb to rules. An example is the new black and white “Saddled Double Monkstrap shoe with brogues details” he is wearing in the pictures. They are a good material for an Urban Classic Man that you would obviously want to be. The knit necktie is a new trend too. 100% in rules as well. Note that your tie should harmonize the colour of your suit. For example I was wearing a pink and blue knit necktie. Black is a natural colour. You may try a black tie too.

In one of my previous editorial, I talked about the lapel flower. It’s a real good item every man should own. They give a royal touch to your classic look.

A three piece suit can at anytime be converted to what I call “a two piece +1  suit”. That is, the coat and the trouser with the same colour and pattern and then the waist coat with another colour that’s totally different from the others. As far as they comply with the colour match rules, then you are good to go.

An urban classic man takes cognizance of his time piece. They don’t joke with what they wear on their wrists. When wearing a suit avoid watches with rubber straps. You don’t play sports in suit? . You can wear a luxurious full gold or silver coloured watch. Timepieces with leather straps are allowed too.

There have been some controversy about wearing brightly  coloured socks. How and when can I wear them. Don’t I look too playful when I wear them? Well, there is a rule that says that your socks colour should be a complementary colour to the trousers you are wearing, but then it is very boring to do. It has now become one of the few fashion rules that can now be bent. As far as you are not outa place. It is very interesting and pretty to wear a brightly coloured socks at least it gives you some attention. Who doesn’t like attention. Thanks to my pink polka dotted socks?

Before I go, I would not forget to state that you cannot be a perfect classic man if you do not pay attention to your primary looks. Your hair should be looking healthy, well kept and nicely styled. If you cannot keep and maintain a healthy beard, then keep a clean shave. After all you don’t need to be in the beard gang to look classic.

Believe me, you’ve got no RIVALS, your chic still remains yours? if you follow those tips.

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We are out. Bye✌


Blue suit by Kenneth Cole x Wine suit by x Bespoke “Dara’s snake skin leather penny loafers” shoe by Aries x Black and white bespoke “saddled double monkstrap” shoe with brogues details by @ayotherealme x black bowtie by Peterson Giant x black knit necktie by Paul Smith x grey waist coat by Paul Smith x black waist coat by Curtis x Lailac shirt by Hangoten x white shirt by Curtis x silver watches by Michael kors and Rolex (Geneve Cellini) x Nerd glasses by Thom Browne


Stylist- Babalola Jesudara. Director- Osunsanmi Olugbemi(@_esperanzar). Photographer- Adebiyi Oladotun(@replicas001). Models- Shobowale Ayomide (@ayotherealme) and Babalola Jesudara.