The blacks and whites of Black and White

Have you ever worn an all black outfit and you feel like a masquerade in a new age. But people that saw you in it were all loving what u wore. Or probably you attended an “a touch of white” dinner and you decided to wear a full white gown(for the ladies) and proly a pair of white Nine West’s shoes and white jewelry. You got to the hall and started feeling awkward because everyone else there was wearing a different outfit with just a touch of white. Funnily enough you were awarded the best dressed for the night.

The black and white colours especially the black match virtually every other colour. They are two colours your wardrobe should not lack.

Black makes you hot?. It gives you a natural feel of elegance but then black makes you hot as hell?. Black is not a good option for a sunny day. It absorbs anything that comes from the sun. White is comfort. It doesn’t absorb sun rays unlike black. White is an element of modishness as well. Even if they could get dirty. 

You cannot afford to be as playful as I am with your outfit that has white in it. You won’t find it funny?.lol. Thanks to the manufacturers of the very sporty adidas superstars sneakers. They’ve got my back?.

White and black is a perfect combo for any type of outfit ranging from casuals, business, dinner,street and even sports. They fit any age too. What runs through your mind when your stylist tells you to try out a pair of white shoes for an outfit . Yes I know they’ll get dirty. But they actually bring out the panache in you. You can always complete your black and white outfit with a pair white shoes. They are cool only if u don’t play rough like me?.

Outfit- waistcoats and pants by Mazzaro x timepiece by Geneve Cellini x white top by Finn Karelia x sneakers by Adidas.

Directed and photographed by Replicas concept.

Styled by Babalola Jesudara.