Nature is the new fashion

Its been a while guys. How did your weekend go. Well mine was sleepless?. Was working on my new editorials. And then I had to read all those anatomy ish?. Medical school is just too??. Well this week I am talking about Nature and fashion

From the good sight of nature to the bold prints of florals and then to the distinct attachment of “artificial nature”. Hmmmm?. What do I mean by artificial nature? An example is the lapel flower. Nature has taken its influence in fashion now that so many fashion trends today are nature inspired. You hardly go out without wearing an outfit with a nature detail (after all there’s a popular saying – you cannot cheat nature)?.

The lapel flower trend is progressively coming to stay too as it has gone beyond the fashion rule that says a lapel flower should always be worn on the top left of your blazzer where the lapel is. Thats so constraining right. Well there’s good news, personal style now accredits lapel flowers to be worn any other way that looks good and sensible too. Lapel flowers now replace collar chains, collarpins and even ties. Thanks to personal style once again.?

Shirts with floral prints are now the new cuties, trust me. Nothing stops you from doing extra floral details. Be bold enough to wear a lapel flower on a shirt with floral prints. It represents the natural. You can still go the extra mile to incorporate the real nature into your pictures. Use a natural background. Be multihued

Nature makes me feel good, iono about you . It just gives you this homely feeling when you are around it.

 Nature’s reputation keeps increasing in our everyday style. Fashion designers all over the world now see floral prints as a necessity in their collections. Before i go?can anyone tell me the name of those pretty flowers.

Outfit – Floral shirt by Ancelloti x Glasses by Thom Browne x Lapel flower by Hook and Albert x Pants by Blackmen x Patent leather Derby shoes by Sebago

Photographed by Replicas Concept

Directed by Osunsanmi Olugbemi