VINTAGE – from retrospective to retroactive 

And then there was this day. I was at the counter in a mall. A Lebanese rushed to me and she was like “oh yeah, I like your retro so much”. I was already thinking? what does she mean, which of the retros is she saying o. Before I knew it she had already introduced herself as Mrs Ajam who’s husband was on a contract in Nigeria. She seemed frustrated as she was unable to buy in Nigeria those retro clothes she wore back then in Lebanon. Well that’s by the way?. Have you wondered why vintage is often referred to as “retro”. Is it because they are retrospective or retroactive. You wouldn’t know tho. But trust me they are actually retrospective and retroactive at the same time . Confused right??. 

If you often see vintage as a style that contemplates the past,hmmn then you might be referring to the “retrospectivity” of it (if there’s a word like that). But you might see it as a style that has extended in scope, application and influence from its years of production till date then your own “retro” is retroactive. Personally, I see vintage style as one of those styles that have moved from retrospective to retroactive because they are still very much in vogue and season. I mean for a style that was established years back still holding its influence today in the fashion industry and  society at large, its a?from me

Guys at this point. Let’s be always careful of never confusing antique clothing with vintage clothing. Antique clothes were produced and worn before the 1920s and then vintage clothes were produced after the 1920s and were worn from that time till about 20years back from now. Isn’t that quite interesting. You may now ask “Dara does that mean antique clothes and vintage clothes are both retros”?. Without hesitating  I would say yes. But then retro is actually used more for vintage clothes because the vintage style has both the retrospective and retroactive qualities whereas the antique clothing has just the retrospective qualities because it is not in season as much as the vintage style is. I hope I made a point right there. Vintage is now gradually becoming classic and based on logistics might eventually become the new classic (just saying tho). A classic style is/was never out of style. Vintage is coming to stay irrespective of whether it was once out of style. But trust me vintage may never go into extinction for the second time. It is now worn comfortably with different other items that are typical of other styles entirely different from pure vintage style.

It also dances well to the tune of trends(like the dab trend)? kidding. Thanks to fashion urbanization and regeneration.

Costume- vintage shirt by tia x moccasin shoes by sebago x watch by Chanel x aviators by Dior x fedora hat by borsalino