Going beyond the beauty of african prints

Hello everyone. I don’t know if you know this but African prints are actually not African prints. They are European made textiles that Africans have adopted as their property?. Ridiculous right?. African prints are so appreciated in Nigeria and beyond. It is said all over the world that “African fabrics” are a specie of the best striving fabrics in societies today. African prints are beautifully coloured 100% cotton textiles printed by machines using wax resins and dyes. In the splendour of this beauty, we should not forget those things that allow the beauty appreciated. How well do you parade this beauty, when you wear these African textiles,  when you take pictures and all. Did you try an extra pinch of charisma and magnetism the last time you wore these fabrics. These attributes simply converts the simple you to a sophisticated brand. Never underestimate the power of your charisma 

Have you ever thought of the best backgrounds to take a picture for a regular African detailed outfit. When you get dressed for an occasion or just an outing. You’ll obviously want to take a “lit” picture. 2 things practically do justice to your picture. The background and your pose. A warm background that praises your print will make wave. When I see African prints, I perceive home, originality and ingenuity. My brick background will proly compliment this style. Just saying tho. I mean it is a  brick walls(natural) not a painted wall. You get? Work with structured and patterned backgrounds too

I say this a lot too . Run away from all them boring poses , try a rare pose like this very one below?. Gone are those days where only a penny loafers or a driving loafers were the best shoes for a trad attire. I think personal style + trends approves that you wear your African prints together with  pants and laced shoes. Remember, you can break rulesOutfit- Long Ankara shirt x Kenneth Cole pants x Fabi wingtip shoes x Tom Ford aviators

Stylist- Babalola Jesudara

Photography- Replicas Concept