SŌ – darafashion x theindigochxld

SŌ is an aristocratic fashion piece that explains heterogeneity, ambidexterity, gumption and audacity so easily in just five pictures. In the picture above, I see versatility, audacity, rhythm, free will and a bold step. I mean who wears and puts all these together comfortably. Okay that’s really a bold step. “Be focused in everything you […] read more →

Promo! Wear Kente now or never.

Student 1: Won’t you pull off this dress?🤔 You’ve been wearing it since day break. Student 2: Everyone has just been wearing Kente lately on this campus. Is that the new trend? Student 3: I’ve not pulled off my Kente dress since morning. I just feel so comfortable in it and abeg I no fit […] read more →


Sometimes back on the blog, I wrote and I quote ” African prints are actually not “African prints”. They are European made textiles that Africans have adopted to be thiers” AFROCENTRISM OR EUROCENTRISM is a fashion editorial that discusses the influence of both the African and European culture on fashion and style. According to Wikipedia, […] read more →