YES! DENIM IS AMAZING – ft Theadunniade.

Hello friends! I’ve missed y’all😥 and I know you miss me too. It’s been over a week that I updated the blog. Well, well today I’m not just posting, I’m introducing some female fashion tips right here. Isn’t that lovely? And guess what guys! 🤔 Darafashion is featuring popular lifestyle blogger on this one – […] read more →


A ghetto is an area of a city lived in by a minority group, especially a run down and densely populated area lived in by a group that experiences some kind of social or economic restrictions, pressure and hardship. Ghetto was originally used in Venice to describe the part of the city to which Jews […] read more →


Hello people! what’s popping? Hope y’all doing fine today? So.. I decided to prepare this editorial at this period because of how much fashion, art and culture are so intertwined today. Honestly, if I had a chance to write this article all over, I would probably call it “THE TRINITY”🤔. You surprised? Owk let’s see […] read more →


Hello guys! How was your week? Thank God its weekend already. I couldn’t wait any longer. Well, people have been asking for a “casual outfit” editorial. So I felt the need to do something from the casual world. I called this editorial” My casual side”. In this article, I described a typical casual outfit, I […] read more →